How To Achieve Your Fitness Goals Before Or After Age 40 With Allan Misner

ABOUT THE EPISODE Allan Misner joins Zach and Jeremy to talk about achieving your physical fitness goals before or after age 40. Allan has a long list of qualifications that make his perspective on health and wellness important. But he hasn’t always been the picture of perfect health. His life was out of balance until he woke up one morning with a hangover…and a new direction for his life.

Allan is is an online personal trainer who serves men and women over 40. He is the host of the 40+ Fitness Podcast, author of the award-winning book, “The Wellness Roadmap: A Straightforward Guide to Health and Fitness After 40,” and owner of Island Fitness in Bocas del Toro, Panama.

What We Discuss with Allan: 00:00 Intro 7:48 The “aha moment” that changed Allan’s life 11:47 What to do when you hit rock bottom 14:23 It’s never too late to get healthy 16:48 Age reversal vs slowing aging 20:43 Being fit for the task 23:22 Being a participant in your family 26:29 Leading by example 28:27 Why any diet is the right diet 31:37 How important is sleep? Like this show? Please leave us a review here – even one sentence helps! Post a screenshot of you listening on Instagram & tag us so we can thank you personally! Resources:

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