June 30, 2021

Money is Energy: How To Attract More Of It with Madeline Gerwick and Peg Donahue

Money is Energy: How To Attract More Of It with Madeline Gerwick and Peg Donahue

Our guests are Peg Donahue and Madeline Gerwick, They are the authors of “Money is an Energy Game.”

Our guests this week are Peg Donahue and Madeline Gerwick. In their new book, “Money is an Energy Game” they argue that money IS energy, and your bank account is a reflection of your energetic money imprint.

These two women are experts at "playing the energy game" in their own lives and advising others. Madeline Gerwick is renowned internationally for her annual Good Timing Guides, advising businesses and investors on advantageous astrological cycles; and Margaret "Peg" Donahue, MBA and former college educator, has used these techniques to grow a successful and fulfilling Feng Shui practice.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What a positive money vibe is and what contributes to it 
  • What blocks someone’s ability to attract money
  • The most common ways we push money away from ourselves 
  • Top techniques for attracting money 
  • Why beliefs are encoded in your language.
  • Why telling negative stories decreases your prosperity 



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Host: [00:00:00] This is the fit mess conversations with world-class experts in the fields of mental, physical, and emotional health. And this 

Madeline Gerwick: [00:00:08] episode, you need to be clear about what it is you really want to have happen, but also be open to it may come in in different ways. So be clear about the essence, the feeling the end result, and let go of the worry about how it's all going to unfold now.

Host: [00:00:25] Zach and Jeremy 

Jeremy: [00:00:27] money. You wish you had more of it. Yeah. Are you worried too much about not having enough as you're about to learn your relationship with money, your worries, your feelings, your fears about money may actually be preventing you. From having more of it this week, we'll talk about some of the things you're doing that may be pushing money away.

And some of the things you can do to bring more of it into your bank account, we'll do that with our guests. Their names are peg Donahue and Madeline Gurwin they're. The authors of money is an energy game. Manifesting money into my life has been a strange, I like it. Like any part of this journey has been a strange one.

And I think I've talked about this before on the show. How a few years ago, Money was something I struggled with. Like I couldn't sleep well at night. I fretted over every bill and how am I going to cover this expense and that expense, and then was introduced to sort of a different way of thinking about money, a different way of budgeting.

And that all started when I was introduced to the idea of just changing my relationship with money and instead of worrying about it and being afraid of not having enough, really just letting go and being okay with, with it's free flowing nature. So that I could allow more in and allow more out to continue that pattern and that path of money.

And it has wildly changed my relationship with it. And this interview really, I think, is going to explain how that works, how manifesting money into your life happens, because that's not, it's not just boy, I need 80 grand and a check shows up in the mail. At least not always occasionally things like that happen.

Right? Zack. Yeah, exactly. 

Zach: [00:02:06] Interestingly enough, like I missed this interview, you did it by yourself, but I read about it and I was, I was thinking about it and we had, you know, a couple of large expenses that came up over the last couple of months and we do okay. Like it wasn't a big hit to us, but. At the same time, I was like, you know what, let me just put this out there to the universe.

Like, you know what? This came at me. I'd love to get this back at some point. And we went on and, you know, surprisingly, like after we had paid everything and everything was done, we got a check in the mail that was $86 more than what we had just spent. Like just a random check that we weren't expecting from some overpayment.

And it just showed up. And I looked at my wife and I were like, uh, Manifestation universe just delivered. It was, it was pretty crazy. Yeah. 

Jeremy: [00:02:58] When I look back, but you never know. Yeah. Yeah. When I look back at my career, I think about this sort of phenomenon and it's, it's happening to me again right now, as I leave the job I've had for 14 years and take some big chances on growing this podcast, growing aside business, that I've started.

I'm reminded of the last time I took a huge leap. Like this was, I had a career working for a major coffee chain and I had been there for like five years and I hated it. I didn't want to do it. I wanted something new, working in radio, fell in my lap and it was this total, like part-time side gig where I had a few hours here and there.

And I just decided one day, like, I'm just done. I'm not doing this coffee thing anymore. I'm literally just quit that day. Walked away, never looked back, went to my other job that day and said, Hey, I literally just quit my job. So if you have any more shifts, anything else I can pick up, kick it my way. And within like a few days, I bet I was basically working a full-time job in radio, which at the time was my dream.

And I was like, this is great. And I've built this career and it sent me on to the podcasting path where I am now, and now I'm done with radio and I want podcasting to be my thing. And as I take this huge leap and walk away from this career, this side job that I have in podcasting, magically things just happening, I've gone to them and said, Hey, I'm more available.

And they're giving me more, more jobs and more projects. And I'm picking those up. Good things are happening with the podcast. It's just another reminder that the universe is totally on your side and wants you to be successful, but you have to trust it sometimes. And just take that leap into the abyss and be pretty confident that a net is just going to appear and give you a nice soft plan.

Yeah, that is a level 

Zach: [00:04:39] of thinking that is so far outside of my risk level, 

Jeremy: [00:04:42] um, 

Zach: [00:04:44] from my logical side. But so I've, I've just seen too many things over the last few years, as I've been opening my mind to this that, you know, has my, you know, logical brain running with its tail between its. 

Jeremy: [00:04:57] Yeah. Yeah. We get into this in much more detail in my interview with Madeline Gurwick and peg Donahue, they are, the authors of money is an energy game.

I'm going to be upfront with you here. This interview was way more about me than I meant for it to be, but I hope in my. Circumstance and what I'm going through and the very personal sort of interaction I had with, with these two guests. I hope that you take away from it that taking a chance and being hopeful can create terrific results.

So please forgive me. As I indulge in a little one-on-one therapy. With our guests in this conversation.

So I am in the middle of, uh, of moving I'm in the middle of leaving my job and completely trusting that the universe is going to provide. I'm moving to Canada with my family, my wife and I do not have jobs. We're selling our house. And we're just taking a huge leap of faith that this is going to work out.

Um, yes, uh, but also very scary. What's weird to me is I'm becoming a big believer in sort of the law of attraction and, you know, visualizing things and having them come into your life. And I'm seeing more and more evidence with this move because as I've done it, I have a side job that money is increasing.

There's all these things that are just sort of happening because I took the steps to make a big change. So I want to know, is that sort of what you guys mean when you talk about money being energy and sort of, yeah. Opening up to allowing it to come to you and it finds its way. There 

Madeline Gerwick: [00:06:37] it is. So what is your intention with all of this?

What would you like to have happen? 

Jeremy: [00:06:42] I would like for what we're doing right now to be my full-time job and to be able to grow this into a bigger, a bigger tool to help more people. 

Peg Donahue: [00:06:50] Oh, that's awesome. Yeah. And you know, in, in our book we actually have something called the leap. And, and, and it's a section where we talk about when, um, oh, they had the, uh, holy grail, uh, movie with, uh, Harrison Ford and he has to, you know, step off into basically the abyss.

Right. And, and then the bridge appears before him. Right. When I saw that movie. I was up right on the cusp of getting ready to change over, to being an astrologer full time. And I dreamed that scene all night long. And then I realized I had to do the same thing. And of course it worked out perfectly way, better than I could have imagined.

Within two months, somebody had hired me to write a Sunstein call. That took me about two hours and we replaced 50% of my income, took me about two hours a day to write it and replaced 50% of my income. And that happened very quickly. And then I ended up writing an article for a newspaper that was an alternative newspaper.

They put it on the front page and then I had about 200 phone calls and that was it. I was alone. 

Madeline Gerwick: [00:08:22] And you know, 21 years ago I left a full-time job. I just left it on, you know, on a whim. Actually I figured I'd take six months off and get another job. I had been at this company for 21 years. And it's been 21 years again.

And so I actually never went into another corporate job. I went into what I'm doing now, which was some punctuality. I went through three practitioner programs. I had a school from, um, myself seven years while I trained practitioner. I came across on Madeline and I, um, joined up and began collaborating almost 20 years ago with our work and with our efforts there, I had lots of other projects going on.

Then I decided maybe about, um, about 2015 after, uh, doing, um, lots of other things. I just want to do this work. So that's what I've been doing. And, um, the book itself. Seven years to put out because we started collaborating maybe around 2001 or so. And we met in prosperity training classes. We met in classes about how to manifest, because we were both going deep into the study, the science, you know, behind this, what is it all about?

And then we decided to put our own programs together. So we put three together, eight keys to the point prosperous. Conscious language and take an energy inventory for prosperity. And so we taught those for several years and then we decided we want to take this to an even larger audience. So that's why we put it together in the book.

It is a leap of faith. It's doing what you love. It's also taking inspired action along the way. 

Jeremy: [00:09:56] This is always, this is always the hangup for me. When we talk about manifesting. And we've talked about this with a number of guests that, that promote the same idea, because I think too often people hear manifest and they think.

You know, starving kid just needs to imagine, you know, a Turkey dinner on his plate and boom, it's there, or why you need 75 grand. So you just imagine that it's going to show up in your bank account and within a week, boom it's there, there are weird anomalies that I've seen where stuff like that does happen, but I don't think that's what you guys are.

That's not 

Madeline Gerwick: [00:10:23] the norm. What is it? One is you need to be clear about what it is you really want to have happen, but also be open to it may come in in different ways. So be clear about the essence, the feeling the end result. And let go of the worry about how it's all going to unfold. 

Peg Donahue: [00:10:41] Taking the inspired action that you just mentioned is very important because when you're taking motivated action, you're usually motivated by fear.

So then you're pushing the money away. But when you're taking inspired action, your energy is higher and money comes to those in higher energy. So it's a lot easier to. Bring money to you when you're taking those inspired actions, things just tend to unfold because you're in a high energy or enjoy you're feeling fulfilled about doing the work that you want to do.

And yeah. On a roll. 

Madeline Gerwick: [00:11:21] Right? So, and one of the, um, services I do on a regular basis is funkshway. So are you familiar with that? So it's about the energy. Yes. Yes. I'll give you a space. So as you're moving to a new house, pay attention, a couple of areas that you'd want to pay attention to are I'd recommend pay attention to the Korea area, which is the front center of your space.

Divided into a grid of nine. Sometimes it's if you have a center entrance, um, front door, that would be the create area, right? Also in every room in your house, there's a Creek area. The fun center also pay attention to the prosperity area, which is the back left corner. So when I say pay attention, what I mean is set these up so that they're in great shape.

Peg Donahue: [00:12:07] You don't like clutter and stuff like 

Madeline Gerwick: [00:12:09] that hanging around. Right. Right. So, so you're starting fresh. So typically they won't be cluttered there unless it takes you a long time to unpack in the Korea area. I would recommend putting representation of the career that you want to further develop, and it can be anything.

It can be, you know, pictures of nature. It can, it can be, you know, um, pictures of, um, you know, podcasting or whatever it is. That, um, you would want in there, you could also write your intentions out. And I always recommend we'll put them in a red envelope and you can stick them behind a picture and put them in a drawer, but energize, and as you do it, give it more power and power.

Your thoughts, what it is you want in the wealth area, put some representation of abundance, of treasures, of prosperity and prosperity. It's not just about. And we write about this in the book a lot. It's about, um, health and abundance. It's about the blessings that come into your life. So you might be energizing those as well, that you're in a position to actually make this move 

Peg Donahue: [00:13:18] friends, your family, your, your work, all of that being fulfilling and support.

Yeah. All of those things supporting you. Yeah. 

Jeremy: [00:13:28] You mentioned well, so bringing this back to the idea of money, what are some of the things that people do? I know that, uh, for, for most people, me included until recently my relationship with money was not good. So it was constantly worrying about not having enough.

How am I going to pay the bills? And that was a cycle that perpetuated for decades. And it wasn't until I started sort of playing with this idea of manifesting that, not that I've suddenly fallen into money, but I've found tools that have changed my relationship with money. And I have not had the same, like up all night biting my nails.

How am I going to cover that check Mo like, like we've, we've just kinda been okay. And now we're in this position where it's like, we can just sort of float for a year and figure out how to make this big thing move. So what are some of the things that we're doing to hold us back from allowing money to find its way to.


Peg Donahue: [00:14:13] you just described one 

Madeline Gerwick: [00:14:16] that's right. And you stated it very well that you open yourself up. Go ahead, Madeline. Yeah. 

Peg Donahue: [00:14:20] You, in whatever you're worried about not having enough money, you are pushing money away. So anytime you're in fear about anything, you're basically attracting whatever you're afraid of to you.

That's a very strong emotion period. So. When you're in the opposite situation where you trust that the universe is going to bring to you, whatever it is, you're in wanta or Nita, that you are in a much more relaxed energy of much higher energy. And so it's easy for the money to come through. 

Madeline Gerwick: [00:14:59] One thing would recommend is in chapter two of the book.

Um, I do provide a service and emotional freedom and healing release. So it's to release blockages to attracting money. So if you have the paper copy of the book, just type that into your browser. If you have the electronic version, you just click it and it'll take you right to a 45 minute recording on the web, on our money as an English game website, that's only available to.

People who have the book and it will walk you 

Peg Donahue: [00:15:28] through, 

Madeline Gerwick: [00:15:30] um, tapping away your money fears. And you, I would recommend that you do that as many times as you feel is helpful as you're feeling money blocks or, you know, just remnants of fear, do this release because that will really help. It really takes you deep 

Peg Donahue: [00:15:49] and it takes 

Madeline Gerwick: [00:15:51] sure.

Have you heard of it yet? Emotional freedom 

Peg Donahue: [00:15:55] technique 

Jeremy: [00:15:56] I have, but for our audience, let's, let's 

Madeline Gerwick: [00:15:58] introduce them. Okay. So, um, so this is emotional freedom and healing. So it is accurate pressure modality, which means you're tapping various points. So it might, you might, you know, tap your wrist. You might tap on it like this.

Position of anger. You might tap, um, between your eyebrows, um, under your eye between your nose and, um, you'll lip. So there's about 13 different points you tap and I guide you through release statements about common fears that we have. And many of the common Fios are, um, I don't deserve it. I'm not worthy of it.

I'm afraid to have it. I'm afraid I might lose it if I have it, or if I have a lot of money, I might lose it. Somebody might come and take it. I might, you know, it might just dissolve the stock market might drop those sorts of things. But the position that you stated at the beginning is you are taking a leap of faith.

That is awesome. That is upward motion. That is like upward mobility in the funnel is going up. So you're attracting. On that level, but to the extent that you are feeling also fear about it, that's what you want to let go of. We also put in the book a, what we call a sacred prosperity contract. So you can do an exercise of writing down your intentions of what it is you want to attract and writing.

Um, the writing process is so powerful. I have always found long before I went into energy work, that the process of writing actually. My intention of whatever I'm writing into my brain. Once I write it down, I really have to go back to it again. And so we really recommend doing some journaling or definitely writing a contract for yourself, a prosperity agreement with, with yourself.

So start off there and then do the release. And then you might pay attention to your language. And, uh, I think you've been, um, very good, um, as we've been chatting because, uh, they have been, um, you've been choosing words that are very uplifting. Today's a 

Jeremy: [00:18:03] good day. Today's a good day. My relationship with this move get, give me five minutes in the terror will take over and, uh, you know, 

Madeline Gerwick: [00:18:10] okay.

So, so that's, so, so let that go. I replace it with, um, it's getting easier. I'm getting more comfortable with this idea and growing into it. Yeah, I'm more 

Peg Donahue: [00:18:22] confident that it will work 

Jeremy: [00:18:26] fear part of it. Uh, you know, I, I sort of wrestled with, um, with some of the stoic teachings that I've read and, and they talk about, you know, sort of preparing for the worst and, and being, being ready for, for when you take that big leap.

What if you do land on your face? So I always wrestled with when those thoughts are in my head, should I take them as an opportunity to, to rehearse and prepare for what, if things go wrong or should I try it? Sort of let those go and focus more on the, this is all going to work just magically to 

Peg Donahue: [00:18:54] the extent that you focus on preparing for the worst you're expecting you're creating it is so, so, and, and to answer your question earlier about what are some of the things that people do to push money away.

There, there are a number of things that happen. You know, people get angry at other people, even on social media. They, uh, get into stress. They get upset about something. They get into road rage. They get themselves into situations where they're, um, pretty much stressed all the time. They're having conversations with other people that are stressful.

You see, or they're not getting enough sleep or they're eating poorly, or they're not getting exercise. You see, so there's a, or they're choosing stories. They're focusing on telling stories that are negative stories. Oh, woe is me. Look what happened to me. And, and as they're telling that story, they're telling the universe, send me more of these experiences.

Right. And so it. You a lot of money and good feelings to pay attention to what you tell other people and what you 

Madeline Gerwick: [00:20:13] think about you're moving at a good time. And July has some really, um, awesome energy and it's, you know, some good days that they are Madeline can speak to that a little bit about how things are shifting, but also, um, Focus on it, opening up.

You said you have a year to get going. So get a running, start, getting run running, start with a new story about how it's going to work and you're laying the groundwork and really reinforce that and take positive inspired action along the way. End your stories with, you know, on a, on an upbeat note. So that might be better.

It's getting easier every day and believable. So you don't have to tell these stories that leave you feeling like, oh, that'll never happen. You know, they said to say this, but that'll never happen because that energy in your cells will push it away. Right. So everything has to be in alignment. So you also want to get your heart energy around this w and it's probably already there.

Your heart energy is already there. So it's, um, align up your feelings with that. And there are theories out there that our heart energy drives what's really in our brain. So, um, do some meditations, um, daily or daily meditation and envision this happening. Now. I don't want you to talk about workshopping.

That's a great method. 

Peg Donahue: [00:21:40] First, just let me mention about timing. The best days of the month are July 13th and 14th. 

Jeremy: [00:21:47] The movers come the 14th

Peg Donahue: [00:21:52] and I'm sure you're going to do it that day. You're very close to me. You're only about 50 miles away from me. I'm in. 

Jeremy: [00:22:00] Oh man. Well, we'll drive right by we'll wave as we 

Peg Donahue: [00:22:03] drive by. Yeah. And now on workshopping, this is my favorite tool. We use it all the time for anything, anything, and everything. You, you can even create safety with money.

I mean, thousands of dollars, it doesn't matter customers. It doesn't matter what it is. Health works with health, whatever. So basically this is something that, uh, Abraham via. Uh, provided and you want to first get yourself in good energy. So high energy, something joyful, some experience that really made you feel good.

Think about that and get in that energy. And then when you're in that energy start thanking the universe for having already provided whatever it is you want at that point. You want to be sure you use those words for having already printed. Because if you don't, if you're asking for something, you're expecting it to arrive in the future, but you are never going to arrive in the future.

You're always in the present moment for you want to have it arrived in the present moment. And that's why you want to say for having already provided, because then it's already here in the present moment and then put in all your details about what it is that you're wanting. So the universe gets a clear idea of what it is you want.

Now, you don't want to tell the universe how to give it to you because it may have a much better idea of how to get it to you. But so you're giving it the end result of what it is that you want. And then when you're done with that, and you need to do it for a minimum of 17 seconds each time you do it in order to compress the energy to the next higher level.

And. A minimum of 68 seconds per day. So if you did it for only 17 seconds, you'd want to do that four times a day. And that's easy to do when you're sitting at a stoplight, you know, doing the dishes, making your bed, whatever, all kinds of ways you can do it. Then the big question usually is the people kind of fall into a negative.

Pattern of not trusting the universe and thinking, oh, that'll never happen. Well, that is the big problem right there, because you're always creating to your last thought. So when you are in that mode of, oh, that'll never happen, or this is too easy or whatever you want to cancel clear that right out loud.

And then just substitute a positive thought. Of course, the universe wants we to have X, whatever X is, and then stick with that energy stick with that thought because the universe does want you to have it. As long as you're not pushing it away, it can only deliver to you, whatever you trust and believe it can deliver.

If you don't believe it can deliver something to you, it can't deliver 

Jeremy: [00:25:07] it. Every turn of this journey. I feel like the universe is just like taking a lunch box and hitting me over the head with of course, yes. Every time I push or go, oh, this doesn't seem right. Everything gets cloudy and harder and difficult.

And when I just go, let's just take a step. All of a sudden huge opportunities fall in our lap to make it easier. How on what world could I possibly believe that this is not a thing? When at every turn it's, it's like it's being, I'm just being pulled north it's. It's amazing. So keep that 

Madeline Gerwick: [00:25:40] momentum going. I would recommend doing a vision board, vision boards really work.

So you can, um, just have a physical representation of what it is that you really want. I like to set up mine, according to the funkshway bog was the grid of nine areas so that it covers all areas of my life. But you can do it any way you want. So put in representations of your podcast, put in, um, maybe the house you're going to live with in, or, you know, whatever the country, the new country.

Yeah. Yeah. Moving to Canada, you know, 

Peg Donahue: [00:26:11] put in your family members. 

Madeline Gerwick: [00:26:14] Yeah, whatever you want to keep drawing to yourself in more of, you know, putting representations of prosperity money. You know, we want 

Peg Donahue: [00:26:20] to attract 

Jeremy: [00:26:23] lots and lots of money, please. 

Madeline Gerwick: [00:26:26] Absolutely. Absolutely. 

Jeremy: [00:26:28] Uh, this has been a lot about me that wasn't my intention.

I know there, I know there are a lot of people that are going through some kind of a change. All the studies showing people are leaving their jobs or want to leave their jobs because of the lessons we've learned in the lab. You guys have a, just a fountain of information here. If somebody aside from picking up the book, obviously somebody wants to take a big leap and make a big change.

Do something, walk us through it. Just make one or two simple things, places to start to, to start opening up to the opportunity that they're looking for to, to take that next step in their life. 

Peg Donahue: [00:27:01] Well, the intention part is very important. So starting with the intention and then doing a release, like the release that peg does with the emotional freedom in here.

So that you're releasing the fears out of your body. You know, it's not just mental it's that they're there physically in your body, from the emotions that are attached to them. And Bruce Lipton is the one who translated how that all worked. Right? So, so you want to release that because otherwise you're unwittingly pushing away, whatever you're trying to create.

And so you want to release fears about not having and then, and then move forward, such as understanding the science behind how manifestation works, and then focusing on some tools. Now, Peggy and I have over a hundred tools and techniques in the book to help you move forward in whatever direction you want to go.

And it's really designed for people who want to move. Into doing their life's work, their life's purpose. Right. And being able to trust and know that the universe will support it. 

Madeline Gerwick: [00:28:16] Uh, a big one is language and words were used and the stories we tell. So let go of all the stories about it, not working, let go of all the stories about, oh, I'm worried.

I don't know if this is really going to work or if it's really the right thing. You've had evidence that it is the right. So let that carry you forward and, and just, you know, put all your energy behind that. You also have, you said, you know, about a year to make it work. So go and, you know, put together some solid plans, you know, do a 30 day plan, a 90 day plan, 180 day plan.

So do your plans with some concrete milestones. As well, and then make some adjustments along the way. So it it's, you're trusting the universe, but you're also taking practical steps. That's what we all have to do with all of this. It's not about just, um, thinking and wishing and hoping it would happen. It is a trusting and believing and knowing, but it's changing our heads.

And it's it's, it's releasing are the energy. That is a hold it's releasing the grip that fear has on us. The fear of change, the fear of it might not work. You know what? It might not work, but

if it doesn't work, something else will take 

Peg Donahue: [00:29:36] its place. Right. So there's a prayer. 

Madeline Gerwick: [00:29:41] So there's a prayer leading and it goes, um, if this is for me expanding. If not take it away. 

Peg Donahue: [00:29:48] And the other thing, the other thing I would say is use good timing, because this is a missing piece that is really important for anyone in business who wants to have their own business.

So there are days like today when you could make more money and there are other days when you can't make a dime. So you don't want to put out your promotions on a day when nothing will come of it. You want to put them out on good days when people will see it and take action and, and support that, that promotion.

And you can do that, uh, with my good time and guide now. Um, so I, I put this out every year. I've been putting it out since 1997 and it's color-coded. You don't need to know any astrology. It just is. It'll tell you the final result of any new start. It'll tell you if it's a good day for taking action, a good, a good day for negotiations, a good day for communications or travel or making money.

So you can just, you can just look, it's just color coded. It's easy. And if it's, yeah, if it's a time you're going to say. No, I think I'll wait until a better time.

Jeremy: [00:31:15] Yeah. And then 

Peg Donahue: [00:31:16] I write a newsletter so that people can understand what the energies are that they're looking at the color codes for it in the guide. So that gives you a lot more information about what, how to work with the energies. I mean, if we all just knew what time it was and we were in alignment with it.

Our results would be much, much better. And, and just as an example of timeouts, I'll give you two quick ones. Uh, one guy had a small business and you wanted to run a promotion and spend 1500 bucks making up this promotion. Now this is about 15 years ago, so maybe what a little further. And he unfortunately chose a day when it was an all day time out for his big sale.

And no one showed up, not one customer came on the other hand. This is another timeout story. Boeing computer once had their computers fail miserably so bad. They could not even figure out where to start unraveling it. And two of the guys there had my good timing guy and they said to each other, you know, we're in a time.

Right? Let's just wait this time out. It's going to be over in about an hour and 15 minutes. Let's just wait and see what happens. And at the end of the timeout, the computer fixed itself.

So there you, and they're like, wow, aren't we glad we didn't try and unravel that. 

Madeline Gerwick: [00:32:55] And one thing with the good timing guide is just pay attention to the pad. Just, you know, take action during good times, but sometimes you'll be taking action when it's not the most favorable day. Just note the patterns. And that's what we talk about in functional all the time to just note the patterns and make adjustments as you go forward, because it's all learning, you know, we're learning as we 

Peg Donahue: [00:33:17] go.

Jeremy: [00:33:18] Well, you guys are way too much on you're way too much on where do we learn more about you guys, your, your work and your book so that we can get that information out to our listeners.

Peg Donahue: [00:33:32] Energy game.com and both of our bios are there and are our regular. Websites are there as well on our bios. 

Jeremy: [00:33:43] Perfect. Well, we'll have links to that on our website as well. Thank you all so much for your time. And for this therapy session, it's really helping me.

Madeline Gerwick: [00:33:52] you all the best with 

Peg Donahue: [00:33:53] it.

Jeremy: [00:34:00] Conversation with Madeline garlic and pig Donahue authors of. Money is an energy game. And I have a follow-up to that conversation, literally that day that I talked to them. I learned that in the process of trying to move one of the places where I was going to be staying in the meantime, turned out to be a huge scam.

And at this moment I've lost a lot of them. That, I don't know if I'm going to get back, but I've been following their advice ever since. And at every stoplight and every down moment, I'm thanking the universe for giving me my money back for bringing it into my life in one way or another for making this right.

I'm I am accepting that it's already here. Now my bank account disagrees, but one way or another, I have accepted that that money is it's just mine to spend. I have it it's coming back and that the universe will set this right. So, uh, I will, I will update you on this journey on, uh, whether or not the universe does in fact provide for me in the way that it so generously as for you that 

Zach: [00:35:08] right.

I, I truly hope that you get it back. Um, I just wanted to say, you know, kudos for, you know, that they talked about the mindset right. Of, of not being fearful and just opening yourself up to this and, you know, kudos for, for doing that. And it's not just about money, right? I mean, it's about all things that we do and all risks that we take and living our life.

And, you know, I think this is a really good opportunity for you to really be able to reprogram some of that internal thinking too. This is not a problem. This is an opportunity for me to go forward. Um, yeah, and it, it, like I said, it's not just money. It's it's life. In general. If you have this attitude about everything, you will get further along than most other people.

So I, I really liked what they had to say. I really liked that it was about money because I really liked money, but this is, you know, it expands into so many other things. 

Jeremy: [00:36:03] And on the idea that, uh, that money is an energy game. Like so much of this is an energy game. And I was reminded of that know, going back to the scam, the day I learned about it, I applied to everything that I just talked to them about.

That just accept that it's coming, that you already have it. The universe is going to provide you're. You're fine. The money's there. Don't worry about it that whole day. I was like, ah, Plenty more. I can, I can make money out of nothing. This is going to be great. While everyone around me was like, oh God, oh, that's bullshit.

I can't believe somebody did that to you. What horrible monsters are you going to be? Okay, that's awful. You know, my wife was really upset and, and I don't fault anyone for that. Cause that is, that is a normal response. That is what we are taught. That's how we're taught to respond to this kind of a thing.

And that whole day I was like, I'm good. You know, let's watch a movie, have a good time. But I woke up the next day and every emotional, uh, yeah, energy bar I had was just on zero because it took everything I had to maintain that positive attitude. And, you know, the next day I was very down, I still like mentally tried to stay positive about what was going to happen, but physically I could just feel, it took everything I had to.

Follow the, the usual pathway of this is depressing. I got scammed again, or, or this terrible thing happened. I deserve this kind of thing. Cause I'm not a smart person. Like all that stuff that I would normally do. It took everything. I had to silence that and just stay super positive. So it very much is an energy game in more ways than one.

Zach: [00:37:33] Yeah. I w I just want to, um, I've heard the full story and there's not a zero chance that you'll get your money back. It's 

Jeremy: [00:37:41] it's very click 1%, very 

Zach: [00:37:43] close to 0% that you will get your money back from this. So I, I. Interested to continue listening to what happens and, and it, Jeremy, if you're comfortable with it, we will definitely share it on future shows.

And we'll let you know if the positive mindset delivers. 

Jeremy: [00:38:01] Yeah. And speaking of sharing on future shows, we are in the thick of the move to Canada. So you're going to have to, again, forgive my indulgence as so much of my life is wrapped up in this. Several of our upcoming interviews are about taking a leap, taking a chance.

Doing big things. And I just, it is partially it's for me, it just feels good to have the validation that what I'm doing is not crazy, but I'm hoping to inspire other people that from this last year have learned. I there's more out there for me and I want to go get it. And so I'm hoping to lead by example and inspire others to chase those dreams.

And they go after the things that, uh, that they really want out of their life. Oh God. Can you 

Zach: [00:38:42] please stop talking about this already? 

Jeremy: [00:38:44] Just kidding. Just kidding. Enough enough of me. Enough of us. I think we're done here. You're doing great. Dang. What are you doing? Are you crazy? You're the one crazy. All right.

That's going to do it for this week before Zach talks to me out of all of this, uh, thank you so much for listening and subscribing on whatever podcast player you're using and signing up for the newsletter. All of that information is available at our website, the vms.com and we will be back on Wednesday for the brand new episode@thefedmass.com.

See everyone. 

Host: [00:39:16] This podcast is amazing and doesn't seem to lack anything, but we need a legal disclaimer. Prior to implementing anything discussed in this podcast is your responsibility to conduct your own research and consult your physician. You should assume that Jeremy and Zach don't know what they're talking about, and they're not liable for any physical or emotional issues that occur directly or indirectly from listening to this podcast.


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