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Love it

Show us well produced, very insightful and inspiring

Great Podcast

I look forward to the next show each week. The topics are great and the interviews are insightful and fun. Keep them coming guys!

Love this podcast

The hosts and guests are always informative and friendly. Plus, I love the openness and humor they approach each topic with.

Heath is wealth!

These guys know their stuff. I recently found out about NAD Therapy and it has done wonders for me. Keep dropping those 💎 guys 👍🏾👍🏾

Informative and helps you live healthier

Not only is this fun to listen to, it genuinely helps you live a healthier life. The conversations and information presented is useful, easy to understand and motivating! Honestly, it’s a game changer!

Great Podcast!

Definitely ready to apply some of these lesson anatomy routines.

Practical, relatable and fun take on wellness

I really enjoy this podcast. It’s self help without feeling preachy or dry. Zach and Jeremy look at day to day issues that most us face and ways to help improve wellness, health and fitness. The interviews are really interesting and I like the broad take on the subjects. Highly recommend.

The Fit Mess

Just found this podcast and I really enjoyed the topic and inspired me.