Zach resides in Albany, NY with his young daughter. Zach has a passion for helping people define and meet their wellness goals. He thinks that every person is different and there is no one size fits all solution for someone’s wellness. He is on a mission to share his story and some of the tools that helped him on his own wellness journey. Zach is certified to teach yoga and Insanity® Live.

Here is Zach’s why:

“My journey into health and fitness started with my first job out of college, the office was going to run a 5k in the summer, I decided to sign up for it. It didn’t help that I had just quit smoking and walking to the house from the driveway was considered intense cardio for me. I was close to 300 lbs and ate fast food every day. I started with a small change of running and little did I know that it was the first of many steps to get to a place where I was OK physically and mentally.

From the day I started running, I have continued making small changes and searching for inner peace that had always eluded me. Along the way, I have picked up so much information that I want to pass on to others who are in the same situation that I have been in.  It’s time for me to give back to humanity in any way that I can. If I can find some semblance of inner peace, anyone can. I have found the power of caring for myself and I want to share that with as many people as I can. I know what it is like to struggle to the point of giving up and I don’t want anyone else to have to feel that hopelessness.”



Jeremy is a married father of two young girls and lives in rural British Columbia. He’s been in the broadcasting and podcasting business for about two decades. Jeremy is a certified REBT Mindset Life Coach.

His journey to wellness started later in life and he describes the first steps this way:

“One-morning several years ago I injured my knee in an attempt to quickly get out of bed to quiet my dog and keep him from waking my very young daughter. That injury led to physical therapy where I was told to get on a bike as much as possible or risk the damage to my knees that seems to be hereditary. I took the advice to heart and began bike commuting as much as possible.

That nine-mile trip took me on a much longer and more important journey. I found the chaos of surviving the ride to be somewhat therapeutic because I was forced to let everything go and focus on the moment or risk serious injury or worse.

Coincidence or not the next stop on my path to healing was a therapist’s office. There I learned to apply what I was learning on my bike to what became a semi-regular practice of meditation, experimentation with Yoga, and eventually a commitment to make a change.

The changes I’ve made and continue to make are small. I eat better, but not great. I exercise often but go easy on myself when I can’t or simply don’t want to. I meditate when I can quiet the voices telling me not to. I go to therapy…a lot.

I do all of these things in order to feel better physically and emotionally. I hope that sharing my journey from a knee injury to a lifetime of healing will help you feel a little less alone in your own journey…wherever that may lead you.”