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Cutting edge!

I discovered this podcast because I’m a fan and client of Leelaq products. The interview with the company’s founder was fascinating and informative. I hope you will have Philipp return for more as well as other topics related to quantum healing.


Zack and Jeremy are both self-learners and they really are curious and talk about a range of topics!

Awesome podcast!!

Jeremy and Zach have put together one really cool podcast! They have awesome content and are clearly passionate about what they do. I really enjoyed being a guest on their show and highly recommend you give The Fit Mess a listen!

Excellent Podcast

I just discovered the Fit Mess. I really enjoyed episode 128. It gave me many ideas for improving my relationships and how to communicate more effectively. I enjoy their style with both Zack & Jeremy talking before they get into their guest interview. Great flow and topics. Highly recommend.

Austin Klein Episode—loved.

I just finished Austin’s Steal Like an Artist and one thing you hit on in this episode that wasn’t mentioned in the book but was so relatable is the idea of the transmission of energy that occurs when you put your work out there or go to see another’s work. I always feel more inspired when I know someone responded to my work, or when I go to watch someone else put their work out for public consumption. It’s like a marketplace for sharing and giving energy which was a great reminder to myself of the value of continuing to share and experience art.

Phenomenal resource

As a trauma therapist, a person who lives with recurrent depression and a longtime runner, this podcast is such a salve. Jeremy and Zach are vulnerable, authentic and genuinely interested in sharing the ways they have found peace & growth. They do so without ego, and with full openness to their own healing.

Practical tips for physical and mental wellness

I enjoyed listening to the Ryan Holiday episode. It was good to hear how a stoic would respond to the ongoing pandemic. I also liked the tips on journalling and exercise.

Love listening to these guys!

Jeremy and Zach are both so insightful and aren’t afraid to share about the hard stuff. They ask their guests the right questions and I love the way the set up the episodes before getting into it. Do yourself a favor and check it out…episodes 98-101 are particularly great so you might consider listening to those first if you want a good sense of what they have to offer. Highly recommend!

Great combo of humor and education

I love this podcast! Jeremy and Zach are super relatable and bring on guests who really know wellness and how to teach it so we can be healthier and happier. The Jill Bolte Taylor episode blew my mind and had me laughing. I love the lightness and even humor with which they talk about issues that make us human, and I’ve learned practical tools for better living in every episode. Thanks guys!

Great Show

I love the way these guys get real and talk with experts

Love it

Show us well produced, very insightful and inspiring

Great Podcast

I look forward to the next show each week. The topics are great and the interviews are insightful and fun. Keep them coming guys!

Love this podcast

The hosts and guests are always informative and friendly. Plus, I love the openness and humor they approach each topic with.

Heath is wealth!

These guys know their stuff. I recently found out about NAD Therapy and it has done wonders for me. Keep dropping those 💎 guys 👍🏾👍🏾

Informative and helps you live healthier

Not only is this fun to listen to, it genuinely helps you live a healthier life. The conversations and information presented is useful, easy to understand and motivating! Honestly, it’s a game changer!

Great Podcast!

Definitely ready to apply some of these lesson anatomy routines.

Practical, relatable and fun take on wellness

I really enjoy this podcast. It’s self help without feeling preachy or dry. Zach and Jeremy look at day to day issues that most us face and ways to help improve wellness, health and fitness. The interviews are really interesting and I like the broad take on the subjects. Highly recommend.

The Fit Mess

Just found this podcast and I really enjoyed the topic and inspired me.