Oct. 11, 2022

How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Through Breathwork And Meditation with Carson Finkle

How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Through Breathwork And Meditation with Carson Finkle

Our guest is Carson Finkle. He's the founder of Create Meditation.


Our guest is Carson Finkle. He's the founder of Create Meditation.

About the Episode:

The power of the mind and breath is so potent, that when tapped into, it can change your entire world for the better. Your heart and mind speak to each other, and we can change the way they communicate by releasing trauma stored in our subconscious and body, by using mindfulness techniques and breathwork.

Breathwork has been life-changing for our host Jeremy Grater, so he wanted to share this healing tool with you all by bringing on his breathwork facilitator, Carson Finkle, on today’s episode to share his knowledge and insight on the benefits of breathwork, as well as the unique way he conducts his sessions. 

Carson Finkle is the founder of Create Meditation, which is a combination of breathwork, personalized music, and mindfulness practices, creating a profound experience to reprogram the subconscious to bring in healing. 

In today’s episode, you will hear how Create Meditation works, the benefits of breathwork and mindfulness, what happens to your mind and body after doing breathwork, and simple techniques you can do yourself to start your mindfulness journey.

Tune in to hear how you can create more peace in your life, one breath at a time.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • What is breathwork and how Carson got into it
  • 3 pillars of breathwork
  • Is the breathwork experience different in person vs. Zoom?
  • Are there dangers in not having a practitioner present when doing breathwork?
  • Why Carson uses music in his breathwork practice
  • The therapeutic aspect of the primal release of yelling
  • Why Carson’s voice sticks with you in times of struggle
  • The five words used to rewire the subconscious
  • Why we start to have visions of a future self that didn’t seem possible before breathwork
  • Is the world shifting toward spirituality?
  • Bringing knowledge to breathwork can enrich the experience and practice
  • Simple steps for beginners to start practicing mindfulness


Guest Website: createmeditation.com - Use Promo Code FITMESS for $100 off!

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[00:00:00] coming up today on the fit mess. 

[00:00:01] Carson: tapping into that heart intuition, like the heart knows. I really believe that when we can live more from our heart, it will help guide us to where we actually wanna go or being our, our true selves in a way.

[00:00:16] Zach: That's Carson Finkle. he's the founder of Crete meditation. Today. We'll talk to him about how he guides clients through breathing and meditation to help calm the nervous system. And we'll even dive into Jeremy's session with him.

[00:00:28] But first I'm Jeremy and I'm Zach we've spent years pushing ourselves to learn more about our own physical, emotional and mental health, and picked up a few coaching certificates along the way. But really we're two guys who got sick of our own shit and started making changes to be healthier, happier, and live more meaningful lives.

[00:00:43]Jeremy: And each week we talk to world class experts with advice to help you do the same. So Zach, you know how sometimes, you know, you're, you're just kind of going through your day, you're doing your thing and there's that voice in your head. Sometimes it's telling you you're a piece of shit. Sometimes it's telling you you're killing it.

[00:00:58] Sometimes it's just silence and weird music and whatever. The weirdest thing happened when I had my session with our guest today, Carson, uh, he walked me through one of his create meditation sessions, which is just filled with amazing music. I know because I picked it myself and he's guiding you and sort of rewiring your brain with these positive affirmations that are all based on things that, that I told him and ever since then, there will be random times for no reason whatsoever that I, still hear his voice.

[00:01:30] Saying the things that he said while we were in this session to help me try to become the person that I'm trying to become. Right. It's just the wildest thing to hear this, this voice every now and then that's just saying you're strong. You're confident you can do like all these things that I didn't ever say to myself, cuz no one ever told them to me in a, in a way that stuck until Carson did it in this session.

[00:01:51] But it is, it is so interesting. How in this one, I believe it was an hour long session.

[00:01:57] He did some deep rewiring of the systems that run 

[00:02:00] this bucket on the top of my shoulders.

[00:02:03] I haven't done a session with him. 

[00:02:05] Zach: I have had a. Experience in a yoga class where, um, this one teacher would say this one thing where ever we'd gotten whenever we like gotten to a difficult pose like plank and she had to stay there and it was painful. Um, later on, like, as we're doing the breathing of yoga and everything, like, and just, it's a mind practice for me, 

[00:02:26] we'd get back into that same position.

[00:02:29] And she would always say, we've been here before. And that has translated into so many things in my life. Whenever I get into a difficult situation, I hear her voice in my head saying you've been here before. So it's really incredible how, like with the right guidance, with the right breathing technique, you really can reprogram the voice in your head as 

[00:02:52] evidenced by, you know, what you experienced.

[00:02:54] Jeremy: Yeah. And, and his, his approach to meditation, his approach to breathwork is so unique. I have done a number of different sessions, uh, with different, uh, I, I guess ambient background noises. And in his case, he literally says, send me a playlist pick, you know, five songs that you have some emotional attachment to five songs that, that I think bring you joy.

[00:03:14] And. To be able to listen to music that you already have an attachment with, that you already have some emotional connection with, and to have him sort of layering in these new messages for you while you're listening to these songs that bring up all kinds of emotion, it just, there's just, you can tell it's really getting under the hood and really doing some deep work to, to fix a lot of the stuff

[00:03:36] and, and help us let go of a lot of the 

[00:03:38] baggage that we carry around every day that happened to us when we were seven or, or whatever it. 

[00:03:43] Zach: Yeah, I really love that part. And I know, um, so again, I haven't done my session, but I did pick my songs 

[00:03:49] Jeremy: Mm-hmm 

[00:03:50] Zach: just in thinking about that, like just really trying to unpack it. It's like, you know, The songs, a couple of the songs that I picked were songs that were like emotional to me when I was five or six years old.

[00:04:02] Um, so in, in the, you know, in the hope or attempt that like it was gonna hit something that was buried way back then, it's very cool. I lo I, I really, I have not experienced it, but I am looking forward to experiencing this 

[00:04:17] approach. All right quickly before we get to the interview with Carson,

[00:04:23] Jeremy: when I'm not doing work to try and, uh, clean up my mental health, I'm doing the best I can to take care of my physical health. And that include.

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[00:05:07] Jeremy: Again. That is athletic greens.com/fit. Mess to take ownership over your health and pick up the ultimate daily nutritional insurance. You'll also find that link on our website, the fit mess.com. Now I've been really looking forward to sharing this interview with you. For some time, I had a chance to do a create meditation session with Carson. You're gonna hear all about my experience and the way that he has helped me transform a lot of my thinking and a lot of the voices that are in my head, some of them now, including his.

[00:05:32] And a lot of it done through the power of breathwork. his name is Carson Finkle and he is the founder of create meditation. And we started by asking him, 

[00:05:40] What breathwork is And how he got into this?

[00:05:42] Carson: Great question on the breath work comes in many, uh,

[00:05:47] Zach: Okay.

[00:05:48] Carson: many different facets and styles. And, um, for me, I think breath work right now is considered in going off of one of your earlier podcast. Guests is more in like the whim H category. When people think of breath, work, uh, whim half, if your listeners to no, um, Yeah, he's the one that kind of pioneered and his style of breath is very much kind of in the whole of Tropic breathwork family as well.

[00:06:11] And breathwork kind of gets you to an elevated state releasing stress. Um, But breathwork also can be categorized something, just focusing on your breath, different patterns of breathing and box breathing, only breathing through your nose with nasal breathing longer exhales or inhales. So breathwork is a whole host of things.

[00:06:31] But I think in the nomenclature, when people think of breathwork, they think of something more in the whole of Tropic, um, like whim hostile breathing. Um, and for myself, how I got in all this, I dabbled with Wim H probably. Early early days of when like seven, eight years ago. Um, but what got me into the type of breath work that I brought into, uh, that I do with, with create meditation.

[00:06:54] Um, I did a, a one on one session with someone that really just had a profound affected incorporated music. Um, and it just really helped me open my eyes to, to things. And I wanted to be able to take that. And, um, got trained in it and then started facilitating, you know, sessions for people. I was right at the beginning of the pandemic.

[00:07:17] So I just started doing sessions for friends and family for free, um, wanting to give back and serve. And then, and my own kind of personal healing journey. Um, combined a lot of the other healing modalities. I learned along the way with this specific breathwork to create this kind of unique session, that is a create meditation session.

[00:07:35] Um, so it's kind of how I got into. um, and definitely, I can guess why I even got to that breath work portion went to one-on-one I'll say, uh, yeah, a little over four years ago, I was on the startup grind, starting a new company, winding down another and kind of burning the midnight oil full burnout. And I had a panic attack, severe panic attack in my sleep.

[00:07:56] Um, it was a nightmare that I couldn't wake up from. And I had never had a panic attack before. Never knew what anxiety was, but I woke up, I was crying uncontrollably. I honestly thought I'd lost my mind. And it was the scariest moment in my life. And it was a universe telling me I need to, to look inward, make it change.

[00:08:14] And that kind of started me off on my journey. And yeah, breath work was by that specific one on one session happened a couple years later.

[00:08:23] I know there are basically three pillars that you bring into this work.

[00:08:25] Jeremy: So talk to me a little bit about what those three pillars are.

[00:08:28] Carson: Yeah. Um, so with a create meditation session, there's three pillars, as you mentioned, the first one is the connect pillar. So at the beginning, um, as part of the sessions, about 10 to 15 minutes where it's just my voice, guiding you through some mind, body connection. And what we're doing there is the heart sends more signals to the brain than the brain does to the heart.

[00:08:49] So when people talk about that, knowing that intuition, that gut feeling, that we all sometimes feel, that is a very, very real thing. So we're tapping into that. Um, and I like to say. I would say a top two benefit of that's reported for the people that I work with. It's clarity. And when we tap into that heart intuition, it's almost like the universe, God, whatever you believe in kind of shows us these little breadcrumbs of where we want to go part of this.

[00:09:15] And you know, part of my job is trying to help people find their north star, like where do they really wanna go in their life? So that's part of the connect pillar. Another part of the connect pillar is a nature journey. So there's like a pre questionnaire you fill out before we do a session. And one of 'em is like a favorite place of nature you feel connected to.

[00:09:30] And what we're doing there is I guide you through walking you through your five senses, sight, sound, smell, um, touch and feel and taste. And what we're doing there, we're priming your visualization muscles in a place you feel very connected to. Um, cause at the very end of the session, I'll be guiding you through a visualization of creating the life that you want.

[00:09:49] And again, I'm gonna walk through those five senses and it's a lot easier doing at the end after we already prime those muscles in the beginning. So that's the connect pillar. Then we go onto the breathe pillar. And that is definitely an act of when we're breathing. It's got some similarities in the whole of Tropic breathwork family.

[00:10:05] It's a very active breath. We get into an elevated, um, emotional state. And during that process, I'll be taking in some of your answers from the, the questionnaire, and I'll be layering in, um, these affirmations beliefs, things that you want to embody and create with my voice. Because you're gonna be getting into a state while you're breathing, where we can do some rewiring and reprogramming.

[00:10:26] Cause typically you're gonna go from an active beta brainwave state dropping down into alpha, and then even dropping down into the. And when we go from alpha to theta, we are crossing over from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind. So that's where we get to do some reprogramming. And the best part about that breathing pillar is you get to breathe to music of your choice.

[00:10:46] So you send me four or five songs that bring you joy four or five songs that quotes move you. And that's a kind of a big differentiating factor is. Listening to music that you have emotional connection to. It really kind of helps bring about some things, you know, during the journey kind of bubble up some joy.

[00:11:05] Maybe there's some, you know, emotional times in there people sent me maybe a wedding song or something that they feel very connected to. Um, and in that, uh, breathe pillar, there is a yell that's involved. Um, The, the reason why we do the yell, uh, for two reasons, one, uh, it's an amazing physical release. So you just get to let, go and release anything you're holding onto.

[00:11:26] And most of the time, uh, people look at you, like you're a crazy person, you know, in society, if you give a really, you know, true primal yell. So it's a safe space, yell onto a pillow. So it's a great letting go. But more importantly, Is a lot of times leading up, there might be some trepidation of like, you know what, this yell, I don't really wanna do this.

[00:11:43] This is kind of weird. All these self-imposed fears, limiting beliefs that we all put on ourselves. Society puts on us when we really go for it. We just blast through. All those limiting beliefs opening up that limitless mindset. Um, so that's the brief pillar. And then the last one is the create pillar. So after your, your music and the breathing, you hear some white noise come on for lucid dreaming, and I'll guide you through one last visualization to visualize of life.

[00:12:08] You want to create again, walk through those five senses. And, um, that's really where the magic happens, cuz you're in this elevated emotional state and you attach that with a clear vision of where you wanna go in your life. And, um, Yeah, it's amazing. Some of the visions I get to hear, um, at the end of the session, so long winded, um, answer to you, but, uh, those are the three pillars of a great meditation session.

[00:12:30] Zach: So, uh, before, before we jump in, I wanna hear about Jeremy's experience and I, I want your take on it. I wanna hear that whole conversation, but, but first, like you do this over zoom, you do it remotely. It's from the comfort of, of someone's home. Is that, does that change the experience? I mean, I'm, I'm guessing yours, maybe the first time you did it was in person.

[00:12:52] Is it different over zoom or do you get a similar or, uh, the same experience?

[00:12:57] Carson: Yeah. Great question. So, um, I actually think zoom is better for one on one. I've done one on one in person. The reason being is. My voice is able to be overlaid with the music very well, like through Spotify and zoom into, you know, your headphones. So that immersive experience versus if, like, if I'm right next to you in person, it's, you know, my voice with the music, it's kind of hard to get that really crystal clear overlay.

[00:13:27] Um, so I do like doing it through zoom from that way, but I've done larger in-person events where. I bring silent disco headphones, and I got a mic and the whole thing. And that way I can bring the quality of having a zoom experience in person where then my voice is overly with the music in the headphones.

[00:13:45] Cause I think that's, um, that's really key.

[00:13:48] Jeremy: Uh, and that's a great question, Zach, because that is something that, that when I think back on our session, I've, I've done, I've done this session with you over zoom, and then I've done other, you know, holotropic breathwork sessions in, in person with people and. In one of them in particular. I definitely wherever I went, when it was over, I was not back yet.

[00:14:10] Like, I literally was like floating and kind of spinning and there was no gravity and it was this very surreal, like. Scary like, holy shit. How do I get back in my body kind of experience. And so going into this with you over zoom, that was a fear that I had was like, knowing that you were thousands of miles away, if something goes wrong and I'm floating in space somewhere, how are you gonna talk me down?

[00:14:32] Have you had, I mean, luckily I did not freak out, but, but have you had anybody sort of flip out and have you had to manage

[00:14:37] Carson: no, so. Yeah, that's one thing, I guess, demonstrator, cuz I know what you're talking about. I mean you can go in outer space for sure. And some far off places. Um, I think the goal is not to do that for me in these sessions. I do have people that have now work with me in like the 40 something session where we do go very deep.

[00:14:56] But the point is like at the beginning I go nice and. And, and I, I always have a at when it's somebody's first session at the end of song two, I always check in, I say, Hey, I let them know, Hey, I'm going to check in with you at the end of song two, and you gimme a thumbs up and you gimme the thumbs up. We continue on the journey.

[00:15:15] Cause I want someone to feel safe. Being able to feel that they can let their guard down and let go. And I think that's a huge part about the connect portion that pillar, cuz we are really getting the body to feel safe, connected, and you know, they always talk about set and setting, you know, we want the setting to feel safe and then I'm with you and then this, and then the, the set, meaning your intentions, which all that's gone over.

[00:15:42] As Jeremy knows with like the, the pre questionnaire and we go all your answers and talk for 20 or 30 minutes before we even get into any of the, the session portion. So, great question. I will say. In the first like 10 sessions I did probably, you know, two and a half years ago. One of my friends, thankfully you, one of my friends, I, I took too fast, too quickly.

[00:16:01] And it was definitely a learning experience where he had to stop because he got, you know, the body sensations that were too intense. And so I learned like, Yeah, you don't need to take any one that quickly. And then I tell people, if we continue working together, we will advance the techniques. We will bring in some breath holds, but, um, out the gate.

[00:16:21] Yeah. And I'd say, and I would say this the most important thing in any form of mindfulness, when you breathe in the same rhythm, the same pattern over and over and over and over again, that's when your mind starts to feel safe. You know, that's when that monkey mind starts to slow down and we go from that beta to alpha, to theta.

[00:16:41] And that's what we're looking for. We wanna get into that state where we can reprogram the subconscious. So, um, great question. Yeah. Cuz I have seen people in person where they look like they're having a horrific experience and some whole traffic breathwork stuff and uh, yeah, I don't wanna take anyone down that path.

[00:16:58] Jeremy: Yeah. Uh, so in my session, um, I don't remember all of the songs I picked. I, I know were some of the more emotional ones in.

[00:17:06] Carson: I mean, I, I can pull up your playlist right now if we want

[00:17:09] Jeremy: oh, we could. Sure, sure. Uh, I, but I know that, that some of them that I chose are tied to some grief, to some loss that I've experienced and, and sort of songs that, that I, I shouldn't even say got me through those experiences, cuz I still deal with the grief.

[00:17:24] But um, but I guess I just wonder. You know, we talk so much about intuition and listening to our heart and, and I guess our heart sort of is, is attached to those songs, but is there any sort of interference am I, am I monkeying with the wiring by bringing in songs that I have this preconceived attachment to where if I'm just, you know, in a, in a more traditional session, you just go in sort of listening to whatever appears, right?

[00:17:50] So is the music. Interfering in any way in what would otherwise be sort of a deeper, uh, inward journey,

[00:17:58] Carson: Yeah. I, I definitely see what you're saying. Like we're bringing in some emotional attachments to things.

[00:18:04] Jeremy: bringing a story like, right. We're always trying to get away from the story, but are we bringing a story into the session?

[00:18:09] Carson: Um, what I feel what's a, a positive about the music is that, you know, it's allowing. Some more emotions to come to the surface. I think it actually can accelerate that. And for me, when I'm on the other side and being guided, um, and by the way, what's great is you get to pick and choose the songs every time.

[00:18:31] So it's like, ah, that song didn't resonate that time. Let's, let's mix it up. You're kind of creating your own curated playlist, you know, of, um, For me, there's some of the joy and love songs that when I hear them and I'm breathing, it really opens that up to feel those things. And that's what we are doing.

[00:18:48] We, we want we're training your mind and body to feel the way you wanna feel. So, um, yeah, maybe some of the, if you felt you might have picked songs before, that might have been in a little more darker periods of life, maybe the next time we pick some that are more of like, we wanna stay all uplifted and happy and, um, But yeah, it it's a, it's definitely, I find music is so an individual thing.

[00:19:12] And one of the most interesting questions I I'll get from people is like, oh, is there any common songs that people send you? And it shocks me that it is so different. There's very, very, very little O overlap in people's music choices. They send me, it's all genres, all different timeframes. Um, but it's, it speaks to them and that's, what's most important.

[00:19:33] Jeremy: I know what Zach sent you, at least some of it. And when he told me what he sent you, I just laughed out

[00:19:37] Zach: I was gonna ask, I was gonna ask cuz I, the initial songs that I sent to you and I haven't done my session yet, but they're all over the place a little bit. Uh, do

[00:19:47] Carson: Yeah, good.

[00:19:47] Jeremy: I, I just remember Celine Dion and Metallica. We're in the we're in

[00:19:51] Carson: Yeah, no, no, it it's. That's it's great. It's I thought all genres welcome and I, some people, yeah, they'll go from a hip hop, rap song, right into, you know, some like classical piano it's fair game. And it actually can. Like, it really takes you on a journey when you're breathing. It's like, oh shoot. I just got an upbeat dancing song.

[00:20:11] And now I'm like, well, I'm gonna slow down with some classical. So, um, yeah. I like people have fun with the music and then they usually find a set that they love and like, yeah, I'm gonna run with that for the next five, 10 sessions, cuz that just really speaks to me.

[00:20:25] Jeremy: That's cool. Uh, you mentioned earlier the, the yelling, the screaming that, that happens in one of these sessions. And I remember distinctly laying there and just feeling like, I know I'm supposed to do this, I want to do this. I'm not afraid to, but I couldn't find it. Like, it just, it wasn't there. And, and I don't remember how you got me there, but there was some, some in some way you helped me find it.

[00:20:45] And then man, when I did, I couldn't talk for like two days

[00:20:49] Carson: Yeah, no, you definitely really went for it, but from what it seemed like it was a good release for you, which, which is a, a positive, um, yeah, the, the yell can be. A lot of people are like, there's some, like I said, that trepidation of like, ah, I don't really wanna do this, but it's kind of getting out of our comfort zone and really having a primal release that I think is very therapeutic for a lot of people that cuz we never are given permission to do that.

[00:21:13] And, um, and for the people that really don't wanna do it. And some people were like, yeah, I just can't do it. Then I suggest they just let out like four to five, really big size, just really focusing on letting go as much as they can. So I'm not gonna like force someone to be like, Hey, no, you have to do this.

[00:21:30] No, no, no. It's, it's your journey. I'm here to guide you. And if the yell's not for you, then yeah, everyone's good with a big sigh. So that's kind of the, the backup.

[00:21:38] Zach: Yeah, I can, I can speak for the yellow, like, even though I haven't done it during a session, like at least once a week, if I'm like feeling pressure and the stress is high. The next time I get in my car, I just, I unleash it. And like I did it once while I was driving. And, um, somebody either saw me do it or heard it like through the car, cuz they were watching me the whole time, but that I can speak just E even outside of this session.

[00:22:04] It's it's pretty powerful release.

[00:22:06] Carson: 100. 100%.

[00:22:09] Jeremy: I warned my wife in advance, cuz we both work from home and I was like, you're gonna hear some screaming I'm okay. But you

[00:22:15] Carson: Yeah, no, that's I usually get a good laugh when I'm doing somebody's first session. I say, Hey. Tell 'em like right now, if you live with anyone, shoot, 'em a text right now. Like just letting 'em know you're okay. And they get, usually gets a good chuckle, but I'd rather, uh, cause I've had it early days of not giving that warning.

[00:22:32] And there will be a person who comes into the room because they're like,

[00:22:35] Jeremy: my God.

[00:22:35] Carson: going on? And I'm like, no, don't worry. They're okay. Promise.

[00:22:39] Jeremy: wild. Um, I want to get into some of the techniques that you introduced, uh, during our session, from the, uh, creating and connecting part of this. But, but one of the things that has stuck with me since that session is, uh, in part you have, you had me choose five words that sort of describe,

[00:22:58] Carson: Mm,

[00:22:58] Jeremy: or take me down a path of where I want to 

[00:23:00] Carson: yeah. This okay. Yeah.

[00:23:01] Jeremy: Yeah. And so since then, when times are tough, when I feel a little lost, when I feel a little scattered, your voice is still planted in my head. And I still hear you saying. To me, the affirmations that I am now saying to myself, but weirdly it's your voice. So why does that happen?

[00:23:21] Carson: Yeah. Oh, It actually makes me happy to hear that I laugh about it, but makes me happy. Cuz that means that we, in one session we did a pretty good job of layering in some seeds of rewiring. If you can hear cuz people report, they're like when I'm watching the dishes or brushing my teeth or driving the car, like I'll hear your voice.

[00:23:38] I'm like, you know what great. We are rewriting the programming in your subconscious with these empowering beliefs and things we wanna embody. And you mentioned the five words that's in everyone's first session. I take them through this. Identity exercise. And part of it comes from, um, James Clear's book, atomic habits, where he talks about there's three elements of achieving a goal and there's the results and the outcome.

[00:24:05] And that for me is like the north star, like where you wanna go in your life. There's the process, which is the habits the routines to work takes to get there. And then there's the identity. And a lot of people are not aware of the identity or ignore it. And that to me is the most important. And what I mean by identity is.

[00:24:21] Who is the Jeremy, who is the Zach that is already at that north star already at that result. And what are his habits? What are his routines? What are his top five states of being like, what does he embody? Like if you were to wake up tomorrow and you're living the life that you are working towards, but you're already there, how would that feel?

[00:24:39] And yet, have people answered me like, you know, their top five and then kinda like the homework that I give is all right, now that we have your identity. I want you to have this list. Multiple posts throughout the house, you know, computer bathroom mirror, um, and ask yourself on a daily basis, who am I becoming?

[00:24:58] And you look at that list like that is who you're becoming. And that is the work is like, what can I do today to embody one or all five of these things? And for me, I actually attach like visions to my list. So when I look at inspired, I have my vision for being inspired to really step into that. And for you mentioning, like, why does that happen?

[00:25:17] Are you hearing my voice? Going back to the rewiring is cuz we are, you are in, uh, an alpha, the theta brainwave state. So your mind is very receptive. You are, you went from the conscious to the subconscious, your brain wave slowed down. And that means the analytical mind is outta the. The judgment, the gatekeeper is out of the way.

[00:25:39] And the great thing about your subconscious is whatever you give it, it's going to take as the truth. There's no rational thought. So the seeds that we get to drop those five words for you, Jeremy, of what you wanted to embody, it's like dropping right into your super computer is like, Hey, this is the new programming we wanna run.

[00:25:58] So that makes me really happy to hear that you heard my voice.

[00:26:01] Jeremy: Yeah, definitely.

[00:26:02] Zach: And now I need to know what are those five words, Jeremy

[00:26:05] Jeremy: oh yeah. That's an excellent question. I dunno if you have it in front of you cars and I can probably pull mine up pretty quickly.

[00:26:11] Carson: I can tell you.

[00:26:13] Zach: and I, I definitely want Carson to say it because I want to hear it in the way Jeremy hears it in his

[00:26:18] Jeremy: Mm. Yes.

[00:26:19] Everyone. Jeremy's top five. Number one is peace. Two is confident. And I would say like, you are at peace, you are confident, you are prepared, you are strong and you are content. So those are your

[00:26:46] Jeremy: That is literally what I hear in my head. It's the weirdest. Experience to hear because like, there's plenty of voices up here. Don't get me wrong. And, and a lot of 'em have a lot of really shitty things to say, but every now and then that pops up and I'm like, who's that guy who, who invited him in. That's weird.

[00:27:03] Carson: Uh, that's awesome.

[00:27:03] Zach: But just in hearing it right. You've got, you've got the voice for this, like that. That's a very soothing voice. It's a very calm voice. So, um,

[00:27:11] Jeremy: you layer that over a little bit of you two and you're just, you're on your way, right? You're just Cru.

[00:27:18] Carson: that's great. And I would say the biggest influence on my work is Dr. Joe Des Benza. If you guys are familiar with his work, he's amazing. Anyone listening, please just go, Google him, watch him YouTube. He's the man, um, in all of creation and manifestation, everyone talk. It's just becoming your identity. What I mean by becoming a, stepping into those states of emotion and feeling like those five words, can you feel those five words on a daily basis? Can you feel it energetically what it means to be at peace, right. To be confident. Um, and when you can do that, your life will change.

[00:27:55] Cuz you're getting into a level of energy that's signaling to the world around you. Like, oh no, this is who I am. Things are gonna start to show up that match that. And, um, that's where just like attaching whatever you can do with those words to have you practice on a daily basis to feel those things.

[00:28:10] And it can be very simple. Like I look at it for like 30 seconds each word and just drop into my vision in the future of like, I'll share like one, for me being inspired it's I'm on a stage guiding thousands of people. And that makes me feel really inspired in that way. So.

[00:28:28] Jeremy: It's funny, you mentioned the stage thing, cuz that was another element of my session that I thought was odd is that, uh, for whatever reason, the vision that came up was me on a stage. Uh, helping people, inspiring people in some way or another. That's not necessarily something that I aspire to do when, when I sit here and think about it, you know, that's not, that's not like one of my goals, right?

[00:28:49] It's not my on my bucket list to be up on a. Tony Robbs sing it up. So where does that come from? Why, why do, why do we maybe see something that we wouldn't normally plan for or, or want, I guess in our normal life

[00:29:04] Carson: Oh, I wish I had like, you know, the magic answer to that. Uh, I think there's so much intuition that we're not aware of. And like I say, tapping into that heart intuition, like the heart knows. I really believe that when we can live more from our heart, it will help guide us to where we actually wanna go or being our, our true selves in a way.

[00:29:28] Um, but yeah, the visions I hear from people a lot of times might be vision of exactly what they need to do in work. Cuz that's been top of mind, it's like, oh, here's my, my next five things that, that dominoes that need to fall or. It's some pretty far out things that involve a vision that they're single at the time.

[00:29:46] And they have a vision of like walk, like being with a woman and walking down the wedding aisle and like babies and all these things. And like, none of that has happened yet. But, um, I believe we, with those visions, they can come true. Cuz I've had multiple people where the visions have come true to the very last little detail.

[00:30:03] And they'll like email me and call me, be like, you're never gonna believe. Like that's, that's what lights me up is when someone can use the power that they have inside them, which we all have to create the life we want and tap in, you know, the spends a talk tapping into the quantum field. You know, right now we are living and experiencing the 0.01% and the other 99.99% that we have the ability to manipulate with our energy and our tensions and our mind to create.

[00:30:34] Yeah. It's um, we truly have this limitless power that we get to tap into and that's really exciting.

[00:30:43] Zach: Um, I'm just Joe benzo. A personal favor of mine and I've been reading and watching so much of that work. Um, and I am curious, you know, I, I guess this really doesn't relate a lot of what we were talking about. Do you feel like the world is shifting to that thought pattern? So, you know, a lot of what Joe Benza talks about a lot of this breathwork stuff, a lot of these. You know, old, old, you know, solutions that have been forgotten for so long. Do you think it's coming back? Like, is this becoming mainstream? Is this becoming a thing that in our lifetime, we're gonna see everyone take advantage of these tools and techniques?

[00:31:28] Carson: I definitely think it's on a massive upward trend where the veil's been lifted, that this is not to some woo woo. Spiritual bullshit.

[00:31:36] Zach: Mm-hmm

[00:31:38] Carson: And dispense this specifically has just been an amazing pioneer to bring the science. Like I went, he's just so big on like, let's remove all the dogma, remove the religion, remove whatever, but people can get behind some facts and science and data.

[00:31:52] That seems to be a universal language to people like, all right, like I'll buy into that. And, you know, I went to a week long retreat of his, and they had scientists and researchers from, you know, UC San. like, you know, measuring what was going on in people's brains and people's blood before and after the events.

[00:32:11] And it is eye-opening what is possible. And in terms of the, there's a potential just shift in consciousness of, you know, human connection. If the more and more of this happens, kind of like the, um, everyone always uses example. So, but like the four minute mile example, no one could break the four minute mile, once one person.

[00:32:33] Then it's got broken multiple signs and months after. So when people see what's possible for real in person or see it in the facts and the data, some signs are. That shift in belief really have a wave of a positive effect of what they can do and what's possible for them personally. And then as a collective that's, what's so cool to see like the Benza the events and the stories of people that have been able to overcome all sorts of cancers and health issues.

[00:33:03] And I was there witnessing people, came in wheelchair bound, couldn't walk at the end of a couple days and some healing sessions. They were walking around. Like, and when you see that, that's where you Pierce that veil of possibility. And once you have the conviction and believe, yeah. That's why I think we just have this limitless power.

[00:33:25] We, we can, we can tap into, but it comes with, and he talks about this and this is what I do working with people as continuously is building the mental model because. This is a great example. And I think this is from his becoming supernatural book, but I like to give the wine example, let's say, you know, you guys love drinking wine and let's say, I think it's a grape juice, like ring, can't stand it.

[00:33:47] But we sit down together and you are sharing with me this most amazing glass of wine and you know, the wine maker the year, the RAL, everything about it. And when we go to drink this purple juice, I'm nothing's going on for. , but what's going on in your brain is a thousand X the experience. And that's because of the knowledge that you are bringing to that present moment.

[00:34:10] So there's a big part of like building the mental model and understanding of what we do in these, you know, create session or any in anything like when you're gonna have your own mindfulness practice, the more, you know, and understand why and what you are doing. It will enrich the circuitry in your brain to the actual present moment and amplify it quite a bit.

[00:34:29] So. A little side note there, but yeah, definitely. If you're into this stuff, like learn and read about it and understand it and they'll just continue, you know, improving your, your experience and your practice.

[00:34:41] Jeremy: Yeah, I wanna be respectful of your time that we've already gone way, way over on. So, uh, my apologies for that, but is, uh, first, is there anything important here that we have not talked about that you wanna make sure we mention.

[00:34:53] Carson: I mean, uh, just a simple takeaway for people. I like to say, you know, like, how do I get started? What can I do? And I think meditation, I. Can be intimidating for a lot of people. Cause they're like, I can't go sit for 30 minutes and by myself and not think about anything. Like what, like there's, I think there's this, there is this hurdle for people.

[00:35:12] I don't know what, and, and I, I get, it can be I, so I tell to start with the breath. Like, don't worry about anything like guided, just notice your breath. And I tell people, and in a time you're feeling stressed, like take out your phone and look at the stopwatch on your phone and the optimal, as I'll say, like take away the optimal breathing rate for humans five and a half seconds in five and a half seconds out.

[00:35:37] Don't worry about the half, either pick five or pick six, whatever feels more comfortable, but just breathe in that way for a couple minutes and see how you feel. Most of the time you are activating your parasympathetic to help your body kind of wind down and feel more homeostasis and come to balance.

[00:35:53] So, um, yeah, don't make meditation as big, like unknown thing. Just start noticing your. That that is a win. And if you enjoy that, then you can kind of continue down the journey of exploring more avenues. Cuz the category of mindfulness is, uh, you know, pretty big in what you can get into. But uh, I think an easy entry point and to stay out of your head is just focus on the breath.

[00:36:18] Jeremy: You mentioned resources and learning more about this stuff. What are the resources for you and where can we learn more about you and your.

[00:36:24] Carson: Oh, resources for me. Uh, like I said, Joe dispense his work. If you're into the creation, manifestation, um, energy stuff he's and bringing science to that. All his books, YouTube is content. Um, can't recommend it enough. Um, a couple other books, the untethered soul by Michael singer was one of my favorites early on.

[00:36:47] Uh, the power of the subconscious mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy, I would say start there. I mean, that's, that's plenty, but it'll kind of dip your tone to the water. And then, uh, if you wanna learn more about create meditation, you can go to create meditation.com. Um, you can book, I offer like free 10 minute calls to kind of exploratory to see if something you wanna get into, um, or you can Google my name.

[00:37:09] Carson Finkle. You'll probably find my main job is that I'm a CEO of a direct to consumer hat company. I'd say I kind of selling hats. That's what, you know, pays the mortgage these days. But my passion is definitely, uh, yeah, with great meditation and see where this thing can go. So, um, yeah, that's it for me.Our thanks again to Carson. Fikel he's the founder of create meditation. You can find links to him and his work in the show notes for this. episode@thefitmess.com. 

[00:37:35] Zach: So one of the takeaways that I had on this is just, it, it always amazes me and I don't know why it still amazes me, but like the power of breath is just amazing. And again, I didn't experience his 

[00:37:48] session, but you did sounds like he takes it up a level. 

[00:37:52] Jeremy: He definitely does. And especially if this is something new to you, this is one of the great things about Carson is that he does ease you in step by step you're. You know, I've done this work before I've gone on some deep and weird trips that were hard to come back from. And as I mentioned, I was afraid of doing this over zoom with somebody, because what if I get stuck in outer space again?

[00:38:10] It was nothing like that. And I'm sure that over time, if we continue working together that, that I'll get there, um, not necessarily stuck, but, you know, go on deeper journeys and. Carson is the guy to go with because he's just so easy to work with. You heard his voice. Imagine having that voice in your head all the time, after spending some time with him and, and helping reprogram some of that old wiring, that's got you busted And broken down, struggling to get through each day.

[00:38:34] So I, I can't recommend enough if, if breathwork is something you've been interested in, if you keep hearing us talk about meditation, because we talk about it all the fucking time, he's a great resource to start with. So I encourage you to reach out.

[00:38:46] And again, you can find him@createmeditation.com and use the promo code fit MES. 

[00:38:52] For a $100 discount. 

[00:38:54] Only for listeners to this show. 

[00:38:55] Zach: And what I really liked about him is that he, while you know, breathwork is, is obviously a very important piece of it. He's talking about bigger things. He's talking about consciousness as a whole. You know, that includes breathwork that includes meditation. That includes so many other things and the power of our mind.

[00:39:12] So like, I was just really impressed with, you know, not only, you know, the breathwork session that was described and again, looking very forward to my own session with him, but just his knowledge of like consciousness as 

[00:39:24] a whole, which was, you know, it all ties together. 

[00:39:27] Jeremy: I don't know, if he's gonna be able to get through a 

[00:39:28] whole session with you going between Metallica and Celine Dion though. That's gonna be, that's gonna be a bit of, 

[00:39:33] Zach: I'll wait till. Wait till the scorpions comes out. 

[00:39:39] Jeremy: That's amazing. Hey, uh, before we get outta here and, uh, we're gonna tell you a little bit about our Facebook group. We'd love to have you be a part of it, but we were recently featured on an episode of the fantastic podcast. That's called how to live. And, uh, we just wanna share a quick clip of that with you. 

[00:39:52] Zach: I had some very serious anger issues when I was quitting smoking that I had to figure out. And that was more of a chemical induced anger, but going forward once I started to really peel the emotions back because whatever the surface level emotion is, there's always something underneath it. And what I always found.

[00:40:11] It went down to whether I was depressed, anxious, angry, it always drilled down into being afraid about something, afraid about being a failure or afraid about disappointing people or afraid of how I'm gonna look in front of people. It took me a long time and I'm still not okay with it, but you know, being afraid is a normal thing.

[00:40:29] Jeremy: Some great words of wisdom there from Zach. And, and I think a lot of the work we've been talking about in this show and, and sort of doing a lot of that reprogramming can help address a lot of that fear that we're talking about. So to check out more of that episode, there's a link to that as well on the show notes for this episode of the fit mess.

[00:40:44] And you can find that@thefitmess.com, you can also, by the way, find the link to our Facebook group. We'd love to have you join us there along with other fit mess listeners. Where you can connect for monthly challenges, accountability to reach your goals and connection with others who are on a similar journey.

[00:40:57] Join us there. We'd love

[00:40:58] to participate with you. we will be back at that website, the fit mess.com next 

[00:41:02] week with a brand new episode. Thanks for listening. 

[00:41:05] Zach: See everyone. 

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