Aug. 9, 2022

How To Harness The Power Of The Quantum Field And Recalibrate Your Life With Philipp Samor Von Holtzendorff-Fehling

How To Harness The Power Of The Quantum Field And Recalibrate Your Life With Philipp Samor Von Holtzendorff-Fehling

Our guest is Phillip Samor Von Holtzendorff-Fehling, founder and CEO of Leela Quantum Tech.


Can technology help you access the energy field that surrounds us and penetrates us and binds the galaxy together? Our guest believes it's not only possible but that it can be harnessed to improve your health and overall well-being. 

In this episode, you’re going to learn about quantum energy and the science behind how and why it works from Phillip Samor Von Holtzendorff-Fehling. He is the founder and CEO of Leela Quantum Tech, he’s a coach, conscious entrepreneur, and energy healer.

While managing a successful international business career, he worked through blockages and barriers that prevented him from connecting with his true self. Through that work, he began to see energy fields and developed his unique healing skills. He left the international corporate world behind to become a conscious entrepreneur, alpha chi teacher, and energy healer. 

He founded Leela Quantum Tech to further develop and share the power of quantum energy. Quantum energy fields are different from harmful EMFs you’re told to avoid. 

Here are a few of the benefits of quantum energy, also known as “frequency medicine” that Philip shares in this interview:

  • Improves your blood and cellular health
  • Increases your fitness level and speeds up recovery 
  • Intensifies the taste of your food and extends its shelf life
  • Eases pain and activates your own inner healer
  • Improve the quality of your water at home and on the road.
  • Helps you become more resistant to stress and more efficient in your daily tasks
  • Prevents exhaustion so you’re able to focus better
  • Allows you to worry less and enjoy the moment

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[00:00:00] Jeremy: Can technology help you access the energy field that surrounds us and penetrates us and binds the galaxy together.

[00:00:06] Zach: Our guest today believes it's not only possible, but that it can be harnessed to improve your health and overall wellbeing.

[00:00:13] Jeremy: Coming up today on the fit mess, 

[00:00:15] Philip: you can have a million difficult scientific.

[00:00:18] Definitions of what quantum energy is, but really is the energy behind the matter. That's pretty much all you need to know. 

[00:00:24] Zach: that's Philip Von Hoen door feeling today. We'll talk to him about what quantum healing is, its benefits and how you can access it yourself.

[00:00:33] Jeremy: Recording this episode from the intersection of woo woo and science. We're gonna talk about quantum physics. This is something that has been fascinating to me since I first saw the movie. What the bleep do we know what feels like a thousand years ago? Uh, where they sort of showed you in real life, how quantum physics can be harnessed and, and can help you improve your life.

[00:00:53] I've watched that movie several times. I've read stuff online. , but a lot of this is still lost on me. Outside of the analogy that quantum physics is essentially the force from star wars. 

[00:01:04] Zach: The force is what gives the Jedi is power. It's an energy feel created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.

[00:01:15] Jeremy: Easy enough. Totally makes sense.

[00:01:17] Zach: And OB one said it. So, I mean, it must be

[00:01:20] Jeremy: Must be true. It's words. I've lived by for my entire life.

[00:01:24] Zach: So I gotta tell you, I am so fascinated with, quantum theory from so many avenues, like a one that like, you know, Literally described as the force. So like that's number one, , number two, there's quantum computing I just read an article the other day, a, you know, a calculation that should have taken 10 years with traditional computers, took six minutes

[00:01:45] Jeremy: that, that seems, that seems better. That seems better than 10 years.

[00:01:49] Zach: slightly.

[00:01:50] Yes. The book the singularity is near is about, , technical revolution and how it was never like a straight line of growth. It's always been a curve. And we're at that moment where the curve is gonna go straight up, like you're gonna see a technology revolution because of, of quantum theory.

[00:02:07] So, you know, there's the force there's computers. There is, , The quantum realm, which I've been actually have been diving into in the last six months with, , Joe Dispenza's work, where he, he actually talks about, , putting your desires and wants and your needs out into the quantum and they show up.

[00:02:24] And I, I, I can't tell you how many times I've actually , put the effort into, asking the quantum essentially like for something and it's shown up for me. In the weirdest ways and not in ways that I've expected, but it it's just been incredible. How, , we can build computers with quantum theory.

[00:02:46] So we understand it that much, but holy shit, there's so much of it. We don't know anything about.

[00:02:51] Jeremy: I was just gonna say the unexpected ways that it answers your questions or answers your calls for, for help or needs is, is something that I've experienced because you told me specifically about a part of Joe dispenser's work and I've been familiar with his work for a long time, but this specific meditation around acquiring something that you need in your life, I put it into practice, I was trying to, trying to find. and an opportunity fell in my lap, like within days of doing this exercise, but then I didn't get that job. Like it was, it was, it was a job that was tailor made for me. It was as, as if somebody went, this is exactly the job you should be doing with your life. And then I didn't get it.

[00:03:32] And I went, well, fuck you, Joe, to Benza. This is some bullshit. But then within three days I had a different job because I was then propelled into a different direction to try and come up with a solution. So it, it is interesting how you can still, you know, you think you're going to get one thing, but what the universe or the quantum delivers may be something else, but it may be just the thing that you need.

[00:03:57] Zach: Exactly. I think, in one instance, I actually, you know, I put, I put one together and I was kind of in need of a quick solution. And I, I like, I, I did the meditation. I, I said what I wanted and how it would make me feel. And like, just, and, and did the meditation just kind of put it out there to the universe and like, not kidding, two days later, same thing.

[00:04:20] It was kind of a job, just like the dream job fell on my lap and I actually did get it and I'm there and I'm

[00:04:26] Jeremy: Oh, good for you. Ladi da

[00:04:30] Zach: But a couple of others where like, you know, I actually thought it was coming. Coming to pass and it actually wasn't the case. Whether I'm, you know, just consoling myself in some way, shape or form.

[00:04:42] Like literally I was disappointed in the situation having not working out. But at the same time, like I basically told myself, I was like, well, this isn't, it, it just hasn't shown up yet.

[00:04:53] Jeremy: yeah.

[00:04:54] Zach: And I was able to move on and. Moving, like I kept, you know, actively moving towards that goal, uh, that I was looking for.

[00:05:03] And I wasn't, it didn't stop me. Right. I, I don't know, like in the past it would've been something that would've derailed me a bit, like thrown me off the horse and it would've taken me a while to get back on the horse, but it didn't because I was just like, yeah, you know what? The, the, this isn't what the universe hadn't had in mind for me.

[00:05:20] And it's, I wish I had that drive that motivation, that understanding. Of things. And whether you believe in quantum or the, or the universe or not like it's just, huh? Well, that wasn't meant to be let's move on. It's just like such a good way to, to go about your life.

[00:05:38] Jeremy: So, whether you believe in it or not, that's, that's the thing, right? This is, this does dabble in the woo woo. And it dabbles in the science. And that's where I think a lot of people get a little hung up is that they, they want their peanut butter or they want their chocolate. They don't want the two mixed together all the time, even though it's delicious.

[00:05:54] Zach: It is delicious.

[00:05:55] Jeremy: So we have an expert to join us today to help explain the quantum quantum theory a little better than we have attempted to do so. also has found a way through a variety of different products that you can harness the quantum in ways that can, I, I shouldn't say they can, but there are, there's anecdotal evidence that they can accelerate healing and do all kinds of things that you will be blown away to here.

[00:06:24] Zach: I'll tell you what, if you do need your body vibrating at the correct frequency to access the quantum. One of the things you need to have dialed in is your nutrition.

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[00:07:40] Jeremy: 

[00:07:40] All right. I'll as promised our guest today is Philip Von. Holtzendorf feeling. He's the founder and CEO at Lela quantum tech. We started by asking him how he went from a successful career in the tech world to becoming an energy healer, working with quantum energy

[00:07:54] Philip: Yes, so, well, thanks for having me on first of all. And then the, the answer to that is that already in the early two thousands, I noticed that there's a lot more to it than just the material that we see and the rational mind that we operate with, uh, usually especially in the corporate world. And I had noticed, , That I, I had cut myself off really from my own emotions and feelings, almost in a way where I operated in this one space that I felt very comfortable.

[00:08:24] And then that was being very rational, just operating from the mind and everything else was almost like overwhelming to me. And that's why I didn't really want to go there. So I, I. Dug into meditation, yoga practice and start reading a little bit about it. And I noticed that wow, the more I allow actually from the inside to come out and bubble up, the more I.

[00:08:46] Look at it, learn more about myself and transform things and release things. And with that become way, way less heavy in a way, because I always tell people, you know, we carry this backpack, there's all this stuff in and very early on in our lives, you know, we do things that our parents don't like, and they may yell at us.

[00:09:05] That's the first heavy thing that comes into the backpack and it just drags on us. And then the first girlfriend. Moves on with, with a different guy. And we're all sad. It's like all these things come into the backpack and it's all about unpacking. So that's what I started to do. And I started to get really curious and learn about shamanic healing, past love, regression, work, all these things.

[00:09:27] I learned how to do that myself and it's all in parallel to that business career, but I couldn't really infuse. What I've what I am in the corporate world, because it didn't have a place there. So I kind of lived almost like two lives in parallel. Of course, you know, my being wasn't both, but in 2016, at some point it was like, no, I just, I can't do it anymore.

[00:09:50] I I'm just, I feel like I need to just live from the heart and live my calling and. And then whatever happens next happens, you know, but I didn't want to live just this rational life anymore. And yeah, that's when I went into what, what came to me, what life presented and where I felt, okay, I'm called to do this and to follow this.

[00:10:11] And that, that's how I ended up with quantum technology. And interestingly, a lot of these things that I've gone through in the past, and also getting to know some of the most important, most amazing healers in the world. You know, that helped me to, to build all that because we work together with a network of topnotch healers, , that, you know, makes our life way easier than if we had to develop it all from scratch without their help.

[00:10:38] And yeah, that's why I'm here today now. And I wanna help people also, you know, on this path, if anyone is interested, you know, how to connect more with your inner power and all of that. We're all for that. 

[00:10:53] Zach: Yeah. 

[00:10:53] I guess we could probably take it back to some of the basics, , this is all fascinating and, uh, a congratulations on , taking that, that road that, you know, it's, it's, you know, it's a risk and, and it seems like it's working out pretty well for you.

[00:11:07] So, um, congratulations on , Letting the universe do its thing. , but I guess what is quantum energy and what is quantum healing? I guess let's, let's bring it back to the basics because I know a lot of people listening are probably going what, uh, so, so tell me what quantum 

[00:11:25] NA: energy is. 

[00:11:26] Philip: Yeah.

[00:11:26] And everyone out there bear with with us because there's, uh, not just woo woo. There's definitely. Woo woo. But there's a lot of like scientific proof and we're gonna talk about even double blind studies and all of that to satisfy, um, that area of our mind. But quantum energy is really the energy behind the matter.

[00:11:45] So we are in essence frequency and. Yeah. You know, we have this physical body that we can touch and all of that, but we, we know that right. Uh, at least on an intellectual level that there's 99% space really, uh, in this. And, , it's just hard to feel and hard to, with our rational mind to, to think, uh, is that really true?

[00:12:07] Like. Ha that's crazy, but it it's that that's what it is. And there's energy behind matter in every, in every matter there's energy. And the quantum energy we're talking about is the same quantum energy that is also present in every cell, every cell of our body. And it's my little dog right next to me here.

[00:12:27] , this same thing cell of, of, of the dog, every cell has a quantum energy field and that's how. The cells communicate constantly and instantly they don't need to like pick up the phone and do that. It's just, it happens through the quantum field and that is the same energy that we were able to harness and concentrate in our technology.

[00:12:47] So it's a hundred percent natural. There's nothing unnatural about it. Couldn't actually be more natural, frankly, but we were able to concentrate it in such fashion. You can, you can do amazing things because it can influence positively influence matter. Uh, even though it sounds crazy, but it, but it really does that.

[00:13:08] Um, and it's a, it's a positive field in that sense that can do amazing things. We can get into that, but that's, that's my definition, really. And then another one for the more for the people that can feel more, something, you know, just go inwards, close your eyes and feel yourself, and then maybe expand. Or feel like what's here, you'll feel something here, right?

[00:13:30] It's not your physical body, but it's this energy it's energy. And you, the more you tap into that, that's actually your knowing your energy that you're tapping into. And, uh, that's one of the same, what we're talking about. The source energy actually, and yeah, you can have a million difficult scientific.

[00:13:49] Definitions of what quantum energy is, but really is the energy behind the matter. That's pretty much all you need to know. 

[00:13:56] Zach: So I've, I've taken a little bit of a look at, at quantum energy and, , for thousands of years, there are people who have known that there is something to this, right. , but science has not caught up until recently.

[00:14:10] So there, there actually is some real evidence. Of this energy of this, this power that's just floating around in all of us that we can harness. Is that 

[00:14:19] NA: right? 

[00:14:20] Philip: It's absolutely true. Yes. And, uh, yeah, you know, it's of course, you know, there's. The, the basis of all of it is infinite. Anyway, it's infinite consciousness it's in infinite.

[00:14:33] And so also there are infinite possibilities. And then obviously in this world, we have lots of different views and perspectives of things and yeah, science always takes a point somewhere on a scale and looks at it. Um, but often. The whole big picture is being forgotten while doing that. So, and you're right.

[00:14:54] It's science is playing catch up right now. And there are actually a lot of open-minded scientists out there now that, that really look at that and really look at the whole picture. And actually you can understand a whole lot more about things as you take that into account. 

[00:15:10] Zach: , so with, with quantum energy and quantum healing, what are those benefits like?

[00:15:15] What are the things that me as the average person, or sometimes less than average, sometimes more than average me as the average person. , what can quantum energy do for me? Like channeled and harnessed in, in a certain way? What, what can I do? What can, what can it help 

[00:15:30] NA: me with? 

[00:15:31] Philip: Yeah. So it's, it basically works on two levels.

[00:15:34] It works on the energetic level. So consciousness level, energetic level means you can. You can cleanse all your chakras. You can cleanse your aura. I know this is woo woo, but still that's what it does. If you are on the path of, , getting more into your inner power and get more access to your inner knowing and all of that, that's what it helps you with to achieve that way quicker and just get way easier access it's like if you meditate on a regular basis, Then you put your hand in our, one of our blocks while you meditate.

[00:16:08] You'll notice that you go way deeper way quicker and it's, it's a much deeper experience. So that's the one thing the other one is the physical. So we're talking about general wellness. We need to be a little bit mindful because we, , Can't make disease claims or any of this because our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent a disease.

[00:16:27] , however, it's for general wellness, there's a lot to it. And a lot that has been studied, uh, picking out one of those things that has been studied, , quite intensively that's, that's the blood, our blood, um, because there's a method out there where you can look at the actual blood cells. , in a microscopic fashion with a darkfield microscope, you can look at.

[00:16:49] In life in life use it's called lifeblood analysis or dark field microscopy. And in 100% of the cases, our devices were able to improve the blood significantly in only a few minutes with statistical significance. And we're not talking about some tests. I mean, we started the whole thing where we gave our products to some doctors and they tested it and every time significant results came back.

[00:17:17] But. You know, my past also led to the fact that I know that most people don't really. See energy and all of that. So we need to show them scientific proof. So we went in and said, okay, guys, you need to now please set up a study so that you know, this it's great that the before and after pictures look great.

[00:17:39] And every time it's the same thing, but it needs to be. Overall studies. So we ended up with double blind studies that were randomized shame control. So basically to rule out placebo effects and, , still in 100% of the cases, these effects were shown and to a degree that's stunning. Uh, it is absolutely stunning.

[00:18:01] Because phase one is phase two of blood clotting was able to be reversed. All of the impacts of EMF that you can show in the blood. Once you expose yourself to a wifi router or 5g, 4g microwaves, et cetera, your blood reacts. And so your blood cells start to look clogged. So you have these so-called money rolls.

[00:18:23] , and it is, it happens very, very fast. Now when you introduce our device and you leave. The stressor, the wifi or 5g on still, all of that gets neutralized and in only 10 minutes, A hundred percent of that those negative effects are, , neutralized. And in most cases, actually beyond that, that it is better than the, the first test even, but you can test heart rate variability, for example.

[00:18:53] So the heart rate variability, if you measure that, um, it has a direct correlation with the autonomic nervous system. Also that improves significantly. Uh, there's a lot of other things and other methods that have been done, like the advanced DEC of all method that looks at the cellular voltage, for example.

[00:19:12] , it looks the, at the energy and, and cellular voltage levels in all the different organs. , last but not least, maybe I wanna mention the IMO Institute because that's. An Institute that a lot of people have heard about probably Maza IMO was the one that proved that you can change the energy in water.

[00:19:31] And he was able to visualize it by freezing the water and visualizing the crystals in the water. So they tested our products and the quantum block was able to change water to the positive, faster than any other device they'd ever seen before. Really. And they now actually decided to import. The lead quantum products to Japan exclusively and make them available in Japan.

[00:19:59] Zach: , so the quantum block, , I know without giving away, like trade secrets, of course, but , you said it's, , as about as natural as you can get, how does it work like it? How is that harnessing the quantum energy or enhancing quantum energy? 

[00:20:13] Philip: Yeah, so we have charged the plates. So the quantum blocks, as well as the infinity blocks, they, they come with these plates.

[00:20:20] Quantum block has one plate on the top, one on the bottom and the infinity blocks three on the top three on the bottom, they're charged in a certain way. So strongly with quantum energy that when you put them together in the way that we're doing it, it creates this super strong, concentrated field. You know, imagine you have two.

[00:20:39] Magnets one in this hand, one in this hand and you take these sides that don't attract each other. And at some point you get in close and closer. You have this resistance here, you can't see anything. Mm-hmm , you can't touch anything, but you know, there's this field similarly, that's, that's how we do it with a quantum field.

[00:20:58] It's just an analogy. And, um, and yeah, it does, it doesn't go away. It never goes away. You don't have to plug it into the wall. Or as a matter of fact, that will be detrimental to the field because as soon as you add electricity or magnetic brute force, it destabilizes the field. You can still leverage it, but it then becomes quite stressful for the human body.

[00:21:19] , and then you have positive benefits and you. Disadvantages as well that you're exposed to. So we completely eliminated 

[00:21:27] that. 

[00:21:28] Zach: Yeah. So do, it sounds like everyone needs one of these in their house, , but , do you have to meditate or do you have to have some kind of an intention when you're using it?

[00:21:38] Or can you have positive, a positive impact? I know you, you said like your blood changes just by having your hand in it, but do you have other positive impacts on your body by just having, you know, your hand in, in this block without actively having an intention or meditation or something like that 

[00:21:57] NA: going on.

[00:21:58] Philip: Yeah. Yeah. You don't have to believe in it and you don't have to have an intention. You don't have to meditate. You don't have to do any of these things. And frankly, you don't even have to put your hands in the block. That is then a more concentrated way to. You know, leverage the energy because the field inside the block is way stronger than the field outside of the blocks.

[00:22:19] But outside of the blocks, it still has, , a concentrated field. So, um, just if you have it sit at home, it gives you the benefit and yeah, there are multiple benefits. I mean, there are things. That we've seen that, you know, I mean, we're talking about the term nervous system, the blood, et cetera. You're basically eliminating and neutralizing, uh, any negative frequencies that you're exposed to.

[00:22:45] Uh, and you can do that with water. You can do that with anything you charge, there's certain things. I, I don't want to claim them, but we can certainly talk about some of these things. Some users have experimented and that we're doing studies on right now, if you want.

[00:23:00] Zach: Yeah. I've got the list of, of things that, that it can help improve. And, you know, one of them popped out to me because I tend to, , pass on sleep and I've got a, , corporate job that is stressful and I work out like nine or 10 times a week and like, Family.

[00:23:18] And like, I just, I'm, I'm going all the time. So, , exhaustion is a really, really big thing for me and I'm tired a lot. And one of the things that I saw was it can help prevent exhaustion, so you're able to focus better. So I would love to hear a little bit more about that specific one and how that could help.

[00:23:36] Philip: Yeah. So it, what did, what it does in essence that it, it really helps bring you into balance and to. To allow you and invite you to bring out your full potential. Sounds really crazy. But in essence, that's exactly what it does. And that is also why it helps with the blood and all of that. Uh, that's just an effect of it, but, but really the, the function is what I just said.

[00:24:03] And part of that then really is that, so if your energetic system is stressed and your mind is going all the time and you're running from one meeting to the next and all that. And you're exposed to stressors because. Probably in between, you're not eating healthy or a lot of people don't do then we're, you know, in traffic, uh, which by itself is, uh, is sometimes a stressor.

[00:24:26] Then if we're going out of the traffic, walking across the street in a big city, then we breathe the air. That's not that great anymore. You know, water, we drink often, you know, when we don't have the super filtered water that we may have at home, you know, we eat tap, we drink tap water in a restaurant. You know, you find some chlorine in there and fluoride and all these things.

[00:24:46] These are all stress. So what the quantum energy field does it, it helps neutralize these stressors and bring us more into balance. And it may actually also happen that so you get detox effects possibly if you use it, , strongly in the beginning, you'll notice detox effects because it starts to really, uh, stimulate your cells that you get rid of toxins as one of the things.

[00:25:13] And it may actually also. Trigger that you yourself think at some point? Well, you know, maybe, maybe I should just put my phone away for the last 30 minutes before I go to bed, because I'm realizing it's. Doing me any good. So it could be that you are starting to become aware of certain patterns, uh, in your life that are stressing yourself because the energy itself does a whole lot to help you in balance.

[00:25:40] And it helps, you know, with the blood and your autonomic nervous system and these things. But if we still keep doing all these things that are not good for us, We're adding stress constantly. So you'll, you'll probably notice these things because it's just you, I mean, it's just, you, you just become faster aware of patterns that may be actually not helpful to your life.

[00:26:03] Zach: I've been looking into this and I believe, , in all of this work, , what would you say to the, to the person out there who's going, 

[00:26:11] NA: Hmm.

[00:26:12] Zach: Yeah, right. What the, the, you know, like I say, woo, woo. And I'm very loving about it. Like, I love the woo woo. But there's other people who are like, oh, woo, woo, Nope. Not gonna touch that. Like what would you say to that person who is, who is just going? No, I, I, I can't see it, so I don't 

[00:26:28] NA: believe it. 

[00:26:30] Philip: Well, you know, there's some people out there that have a complete block and they're also, they don't even want to hear about it.

[00:26:36] That's usually out of fear. In regards to their inner power, frankly, that's that's in essence, actually the, the, the problem. And then with those people, I don't, I can offer to look at the studies and all of that. And then further, I wouldn't offer anything because it's really their path. It's not, not about me to having to convince them.

[00:26:57] I know that our products work. Yeah. The people that use them know that they work. But if someone is really curious, but they still can't see the energy and perceive it in any. Hey, then we offer the help obviously, you know, to show them the studies. We make those studies available, by the way, we can even connect them to the scientists.

[00:27:16] Um, you know, that run the studies and we have a telegram group. It's a private user group. Which I would recommend, uh, also in, in those instances, because there are 5,000 people in there by now that use our products and that explore and discover with the products. And, you know, they talk about a lot of these things a whole lot.

[00:27:35] I mean, we just had yesterday as just give you one example, there's someone that reported that his friend who is super allergic to lemon, Can't eat lemons at all. Like it's very bad for him. He charged the lemon in the infinity block for six minutes and then ate the lemon and no negative reaction whatsoever.

[00:27:57] And then they went to this naturopathic doctor that they have, who can. Test things, if they're good or bad for his system. And I don't know what method they use, they didn't mention that, but usually it's kinesiology or something like that. And they gave them, gave them two lemon halves and one, they had charged and the other one they hadn't charged and they didn't tell 'em.

[00:28:16] And the guy was testing it for this person who wasn't allergic to lemons. And the one that was not charged. He said you can't, you can't eat it. Don't don't, you know, your system reacts instantly, even if you're holding it in your hand and the other one. No problem whatsoever. , now here is the caveat. So don't try this at home, please.

[00:28:35] Big disclaimer, this hasn't been studied enough, so we can't make a claim in regards to that's different with the blood that has been tested and studied extensively, but. This food algae stuff is, is super exciting because we've heard it from many people. We even did a test live on stage at the biohacking conference.

[00:28:55] They've Ash's conference in Orlando last year were, you know, someone that's allergic to crap meat, you know, put the crap meat in his arm and then got all these reactions was crazy. And then on stage, like in a circus, basically we put, we put the crap meat in the, in the infinity block and then, uh, the scientist put with a Derma role of the same prat me that was then charged in the other.

[00:29:18] No reaction. So you see these things, but wow, it's something that needs to be studied. Right? And we would not put out anything or give advice to try this at home. That's totally at your own risk, but we're gonna put a study together. And that's the beauty about our community, that people come up with these things that they discover also with gluten sensitivities, by the way.

[00:29:38] But we need to find out way more about that because it be, everyone is so different and there's so many different substances and. Stories. So really, but it's an exciting topic. 

[00:29:49] NA: Wow. I 

[00:29:49] Zach: I'm, I'm really intrigued now because I, I, I'm not like definitely allergic to anything, but I, my body definitely reacts to certain things.

[00:30:00] , That I, I can't quite tell exactly what they are, but you know, I get inflamed or I get, you know, postnasal drip and, and things like that from my food. So I'm just in my head, I'm thinking, well, I should just put every meal I eat through this thing. Like that, that, that sounds amazing. , I, I would love to hear, you know, are there a couple of cases, you know, like extreme cases of, of, you know, healing.

[00:30:25] That really stick out to you that this technology has helped with people like one or two that, that you're just like, oh my gosh, like this person went from like really bad to really good. That, that, that stand out to you. 

[00:30:39] Philip: So again, I need to be careful here with not making any diseases claims. Right. So I'm, I'm gonna call these, uh, anecdotal stories now.

[00:30:47] Yeah. Um, because, and, and there's actually one, you know, that we witnessed here in our own family that I'm, I'm gonna tell you last, but, uh, yeah, there was a guy that had, uh, Severe Neo Neo pain, knee pain since seven years and would do whatever you wanted and wouldn't go away. And then he put his knee in the infinity block for 10 minutes and then the pain was gone.

[00:31:08] Um, and if I remember correctly, it came back like a week later or so, and then he put it in again and it was, is gone again. Uh, here again, it's something where these things can happen, but it's not that you can say, well, if you have knee pain, get this thing, put your knee in. And, and then no, because I mean, there.

[00:31:27] Tons of different stories and reasons to why, uh, you can have knee pain and, and all of that. And, and pain in general is a yeah. Is a difficult topic, but these things happen and that didn't just happen once that was reported by many people. And in this telegram group, you can actually find all these people that talk about that.

[00:31:45] Right. , and another one was an autistic child. So the father, , Had been help by someone who had a block. And then the kit was treated always on Mondays. The kit didn't know that. , and no one else knew. And he has a team of like a staff basically that would look at the kid, , throughout the week and also rate the kit.

[00:32:07] So always, you know, how was this kid doing with attention span and all these things. And Mondays used to be the worst day of this kid. Always. And then suddenly that changed into Monday was by far and large, the best day in all those measures because it was being treated. And, and so that was just a wonderful thing.

[00:32:27] And what happened out of that is that the doctor from India who works with autistic kits on a regular basis, that's basically, that's his main focus of his clinic. He has like 40, 50 autistic kits that enroll in his program. Every. and he reached out and, and then tested it and then he wanted to run a real clinical study.

[00:32:47] So that clinical study has been ongoing now for a while with some amazing results. So that that's really heartwarming. And then, you know, my son, uh, he rides dirt bikes, so motocross races, and he's 14. And in, in, was it in November and November, he broke both of his. Because of a bad accident. And, , he also shattered his growth plates and the doctor said, it'll take at least six to seven months until you can get slowly and carefully back on your bike.

[00:33:19] And then you need to, you know, until you can raise again, it'll be probably another two months after two months. Of that accident. And we actually have we posted about that while it was happening and the telegram group kept people informed and all of that. And literally after two months, he was back on his bike and, and we charged like for the first three weeks, I think three times a day, we charged his wrists.

[00:33:42] And, um, we did a lot of other things too. So it's, it's not only just one thing we did, but that's, that was the main thing that was different. I mean the doctor after these two months told him himself, you can go back on your bike. The guy that said you I'm six, seven months. Now you gotta wait. After two months, he said, it's all heal.

[00:34:03] You know, it's amazing. 

[00:34:04] Zach: Wow. That's amazing. that is really cool. , so we're, we're coming up on, on our time for today. Is there anything else that you'd like to share with the audience that we didn't get to? 

[00:34:16] Philip: Well, in case you got interested in the telegram group now and, and listening to that, so will, uh, make this link available, uh, to you so you can put it in the show notes.

[00:34:26] And other than that yeah. You know, just. Follow your own heart, always in life. And, um, yeah, if you're interested in the topic, read a little bit about it and yeah, just be curious. That's that's all I 

[00:34:40] NA: can share. 

[00:34:41] Zach: Our thanks to Philip Vaughn, Hoor, feeling founder and CEO of Lela, quantum tech. . You can find links to him and his work in the show notes for this

[00:34:53] You know, the health benefits of this is, is so interesting to me because again, the science hasn't quite caught up with quantum healing in order to prove a lot of this stuff. But there, I mean, there's a lot of evidence of these types of devices actually working and actually healing and making people better.

[00:35:12] So I'm, I'm just blown away by the fact that . We can do things like this in today's day and age.

[00:35:17] Jeremy: Well, and the story he shared about his son's healing and, and how quickly that process was accelerated By using these devices. I mean, it's just fascinating. And the, the part that really hooked me, you know, you know, that I enjoy, uh, meditating every now and then. And the idea that you can go deeper into your meditation quicker by accessing quantum energy, , through these plates or, or not. I also find that fascinating because there's.

[00:35:42] There's been times in my life. And I've talked about 'em here where various meditations that I've done have opened doors to healing that I never thought possible. And so if you know, I could have accelerated the process of learning, how to do that by several years, the amount of healing that could have been done, would've been incredible to experience much earlier in my.

[00:36:02] Zach: Yeah, we all have growth. We all have healing. We all have things that we need to fix. And. In some cases, having a technological solution that can help you accelerate that healing. , it can be good. I mean, in some cases like the trauma might be so deep and buried that you need to go through it in a slow role or you won't come out on the other side.

[00:36:22] Okay. But, in my mind, Anything you can do to, to help accelerate the, the self-actualization of, you know, being a, a better person and, and having that growth mindset is, is a benefit for me.

[00:36:33] Jeremy: And what's wild about it. And I think this is maybe I shouldn't speak for everyone. This is where I get stuck with this is it's both technology and the natural world, right? It's the, it's the energy that surrounds everything. So it's really hard to, to sort of wrap your head around. Using technology to better access the natural world.

[00:36:54] And I don't know why I get stuck there, but there's just something about that where, you know, I could see someone's bullshit meter going off sometimes. And just being like, I don't know this, this seems like nonsense to me, but I, you know, I have done things in very, very small ways that have shown me that it is possible.

[00:37:08] So , where this could go where this could lead us as a civilization, I think is just incredibly.

[00:37:15] Zach: I would think about it like this though. Like, think about it like water, right? I mean, water is natural flowing out there. It's part of nature. Right. But we use technology to pump it into our house so that you have like easy access to it. Right. It's still that well in it's chemical lace, but it's still that water, right.

[00:37:34] That's coming in and, and easy to be accessed. Just, you know, the technology is making it easier to access for you.

[00:37:40] Jeremy: Exactly. 

[00:37:42] All right. Well, don't let the conversation end there. Join us in our Facebook group, where you and fellow fit mess. Listeners can connect for monthly challenges, accountability to reach your goals and connection with others who are on a similar journey. That link is also at our website, the fit, where we will be back next week with a brand new episode.

[00:37:57] Thanks for listening.

[00:37:58] Zach: Stay wrong.

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