Why You Should Eat the Cake: Simple Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

The path to wellness can't be achieved through just one thing. It can't be done by just working out, and it can't be done by just meditating. Being healthy is about doing many different things for your physique, health, and especially your mind. Today, we are joined by someone who did all those. In this episode of The Fit Mess, Coach Kayla Marie talks about the role of 'confidence' in body development, why yoga is a great place to start holistic wellness, why sticking with it helps do the inner work, and more about what you need to hear to feel good about your body and self.

Aside from yoga, learn where your wellness work needs to start in this episode of The Fit Mess with Kayla Marie!

Movement is basic

At one point in the talk, Zach remembers an injury he once had. It was a weird injury on his back, and it caused him to be bedridden for four days. Because it was on his back, he felt pain even when doing the most basic things... After recovering from the injury, Zach saw the value of his body. He started appreciating walking down the stairs, playing with his daughter, and doing other everyday activities even more. These things seemed nothing significant to him before. But because, for a time, he experienced how it's like to not be able to do them despite how minor they are, Zach sees the value better in having that ability. For Kayla, moments like that are where movement becomes medicine. When we realize how that fundamental thing may not be so fundamental to some people, especially those permanently disabled, we become more aware of its real powers and purpose in our lives. As a result, we become less likely to take it for granted.

Find out how you can start moving toward a body that you love more with Kayla Marie in this episode of The Fit Mess!

About Kayla Marie:

Kayla is the owner and head coach at CrossFit for the People. Through a passion for movement and enabling others to use fitness as a means to pursue excellence by realizing their potential, Kayla loves helping others to grow past their comfort zones and accomplish things they never thought possible.

Kayla believes CrossFit offers an opportunity to continuously seek out ways to be better; this is the reason she opened CrossFit For The People, a space for people to show up, work hard, and be their best selves.

When she isn't at CFTP, you can find Kayla teaching yoga at The Hot Yoga Spot, walking her two dogs Segway and Scooter, spending time with friends and family, and constantly looking for new ways to experience life from all angles.

Outline of the Episode:

[01:56] Zach on why yoga is soooo helpful

[04:36] How did Kayla Marie get started in the health and wellness space?

[08:01] Crossfit can also be your yoga!

[12:52] Movement is such a fundamental ability that most people take for granted.

[16:00] Eat real food and be aware of what your body needs and doesn't need.

[19:51] You can do it, and you belong as long as you start now!

[23:43] The issue of confidence can sometimes be weird.

[27:35] Do you have to devote a lot of time to become healthy?

[31:38] Some people have struggles we're not aware of.

[36:06] Eat the cake and be kind to yourself!


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Hot Yoga Spot

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