Money is Energy: How To Attract More Of It with Madeline Gerwick and Peg Donahue

Our guests this week are Peg Donahue and Madeline Gerwick. In their new book, “Money is an Energy Game” they argue that money IS energy, and your bank account is a reflection of your energetic money imprint.

These two women are experts at "playing the energy game" in their own lives and advising others. Madeline Gerwick is renowned internationally for her annual Good Timing Guides, advising businesses and investors on advantageous astrological cycles; and Margaret "Peg" Donahue, MBA and former college educator, has used these techniques to grow a successful and fulfilling Feng Shui practice.

In this episode, you’ll learn: What a positive money vibe is and what contributes to it What blocks someone’s ability to attract money The most common ways we push money away from ourselves Top techniques for attracting money Why beliefs are encoded in your language. Why telling negative stories decreases your prosperity

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