Learn the Four Gifts Experienced by Highly Sensitive People with Courtney Marchesani

Every individual carries a level of intuition. In fact, it can even be measured scientifically. But how can your intuition, or sensitivity and such, play a role in your life? In this episode of The Fit Mess, Courtney Marchesani talks about the book she authored entitled Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive, the four types of highly sensitive people, how sensitives can channel their sensitivity, and as well as the uncanny story of how she discovered her intuitiveness. Before and after the interview, Zach and Jeremy also talk about the value of listening to one’s inner voice and how always powering through life isn’t always going to power you through.

There is a ton of value about sensitivity and what it can mean to you in this episode of The Fit Mess with Courtney Marchesani!

A Hundred People and a Japanese Puzzle

When Courtney was asked whether high-sensitivity can be developed consciously or not, she brought up a study conducted by Dr. Garry Nolan of Stanford Institute to highlight an idea. Every human being has intuition, but to what level for every individual is what differs. In the study, Dr. Nolan gathered one hundred participants to engage with a Japanese Puzzle as his small sample. These individuals weren’t just picked randomly. The test participants were considered ‘high performers’ in their field, be it in business, health care, labor, and so forth. After the test, participants were examined through MRI Machines to look at their neuro-anatomy. When the scan was completed, the images of the participants’ brains showed a different appearance compared to the average brain. These results produced more potential when the brain scans of the participants were compared to those of their family members’ and revealed a similar appearance in brain neuro-anatomy. For Courtney, this hypothesis is a slice into how an individual’s thinking process, sensitivity, and patterns can be genetically pre-disposed.

Find out about The Four Types of Highly Sensitive People from Courtney Marchesani in this episode of The Fit Mess!

About Courtney Marchesani:

Courtney Marchesani is the author of Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive and developer of the Highly Sensitive Gifts Test. Named as the 2017 Hay House Writer’s Workshop Award winner, her insights into sensitivity help readers identify their gifts of intuition, empathy, vision, and expression to maximize their potential, while also learning how former trauma may have shaped them.

Courtney’s health and wellness coaching style focuses on holistic medicine and finding balance while living with sensitivity. Since sensitivity is closely interconnected within the nervous systems and brain functioning, it is not something to “get rid of.” Her empathic style emphasizes nonjudgement and acceptance, learning how sensitivity’s silent effects can impact mental, emotional, spiritual health and wellness.

Outline of the Episode:

[01:31] Being in a different place doesn’t always quiet the negative voices that question you

[04:04] Get intentional with your schedule and activities!

[08:57] The story about how Courtney discovered the power of her intuition

[14:49] Courtney Marchesani – on connecting the dots of intuitive phenomenon

[18:26] What are Intuitives?

[19:41] What are Empaths?

[20:36] What are Visionaries?

[21:31] What are Expressives?

[25:31] Can high-sensitivity be considered as a defense mechanism?

[28:16] A study on the natural neuro-anatomy of intuitive people by Dr. Gary Nolan

[33:08] How can someone highly sensitive not live in chaos?

[37:46] Sensitive people are always focused on other people.

[41:20] A panic attack during a yoga session






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