How to Take the Guesswork Out of Your Diet with Award-Winning Chemical Engineer, Three-Time...

We all know that diet takes up more of the pie than work-out when it comes to building our ideal physique and health. But with the amount of complexity and misinformation we constantly face when it comes to managing the food we consume, how efficient can we be when taking our diet seriously? In this episode of The Fit Mess, Award-Winning Chemical Engineer, Three-Time Champion Fitness Competitor, Christine Hronec talks us through BMRs or Basal Metabolic Rates, weighing scales, how protein is calculated, her rule of thumb for calorie burning and the critical mindset to have when exploring weight loss.

Find out how to go past the complexity of health building in this episode of The Fit Mess with Christine Hronec!

Do Dietary Supplements Work?

The answer is yes, of course, they do! The results are undeniable if we look at people who understand how they work and know how to use them. Although, Christine admits that there’s also a lot of nonsense going around in the dietary supplements industry. It’s common, and a lot are not reaping the benefits they need from it. This is due to good marketing. As somewhat of a tip, in the episode, Christine clarifies one idea that can help us move away from all the non-sense in the business of diet. When taking dietary supplements, it’s essential to understand that dietary supplements allow you to get the nutrients you need that are otherwise hard to receive from whole foods or from whatever is only available to you. Knowing this helps us make more informed decisions regarding what we need and do not need when it comes to the food and dietary supplements we take.

Listen to Christine Hronec as she talks more about the mindset of health building in this episode of The Fit Mess!

About Christine Hronec:

Christine Hronec is a food scientist, chemical engineer, fitness champion, and founder of Gauge Girl Training (25+ million views on YouTube and 40,000+ success stories). Christine has been featured in Forbes and Huffington Post, and on Extra, Fox News, and CBS.

Outline of the Episode:

[01:54] Nutrition, for some, is just very complicated.

[04:02] There’s a lot of misinformation out there about the food we’re eating!

[08:20] We can be the experts of our own bodies.

[13:52] Why do we need dietary supplements?

[15:19] There are plenty of sources for plant-based protein.

[22:33] Are numbers the most important when it comes to weight loss?

[25:00] Is it 70% diet, 30% workout?

[28:55] The ‘100 Calories Per Mile’ Rule

[32:58] How important is the mindset to change?

[36:03] First step: Just show up!


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