How To Find Balance In Your Life To Achieve Better Health And More Happiness With Meghan Pherrill

Our guest is Meghan Pherrill-Gordon, creator of Balance by Meghan.

ABOUT THE EPISODE Meghan Pherrill-Gordon suffered for a long time with depression, anxiety, OCD, and suicidal thoughts. One day she decided enough was enough and she wanted more out of life, so she started to work on herself internally, loving herself more, and taking up yoga.

After noticing the miraculous changes she made in her life, she knew she had to share her gift with others. She supports her clients by empowering and teaching them to connect to their mind, body and soul. She does this by teaching them how to care for and nourish their bodies, how to calm their mind and manage their thoughts, and how to invite more wellness into their lives as a form of self-care and self-love.

She also shares her inspiring story and supports your yoga, spirituality, health, and wellness journey on her own podcast, Balance Your Life!

What We Discuss with Meghan: How yoga helped her overcome many of her mental health challenges Why it’s not true that you “can’t meditate” What is Human Design? Why sometimes it’s important to combine holistic practices with western medicine Self-development tools that DON’T work Find accountability and support with The Fit Mess Facebook Community. Join an intimate group taking their well-being to the next level today, by CLICKING HERE.

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