Before You Quit Your Job Listen To This Advice From Kelley Shields


You did all the right things. Went to school, got a good job, and carved out a career path that you thought would provide a good life. Maybe that feeling even lasted a while and felt “right”. But not anymore. Now it’s a struggle to drag yourself to the office to a job you hate and it’s impacting the rest of your life.

Career and Leadership Coach Kelley Shields went through the exact same thing. Today she’ll share how she got herself out of that trap and how you can start to create the life you truly want to live instead of the one you ended up with.

What We Discuss with Kelley:

Why your job doesn't have to suck When it's time for a career change How to quit your job without ruining your life Don't get caught up in comparison "Burnout" vs "Bored Out" Why your job may be perfect...for someone else Like this show? Please leave us a review here – even one sentence helps! Post a screenshot of you listening on Instagram & tag us so we can thank you personally!


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