18 "F" Words That Will Change Your Life

In this episode, we’re joined by Shaun Rawls. He is the author of “F-It-Less: 18 F-words To Reframe And Repurpose Your Life." We talk with him about how to examine your own life--to see if it is one you've consciously crafted or one you simply allowed to unfold. To truly listen to your heart and gut, and to honestly acknowledge the areas of your life where you've compromised love and happiness for money, safety, security, or--worse--fear. Learn why saying "F-it!" doesn't always mean you are giving in or giving up. With the right tools, it can actually mean you are ready to pursue a better life--one of greater ease, meaning, and purpose--a truly "F"-It-Less life.

In this episode, you’ll learn:
Why ’fine’ - the enemy of ‘fantastic’
How to silence the voice that tells you you’re not enough
What “reframing' is, why it's a must and how to do it
What is ‘floating’ and why is it critical to your mental health?
Why we adapt when we shouldn’t
What is so great about forgetting?
What an 'inside out life' is—why you want it and how you get it