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Jennifer Febel

Emotional Resiliency Coach

“You are not broken.” This has become Jennifer's personal and professional mantra and one that she intends to spread to as many people as possible.

After receiving over 7 different mental health diagnoses by the age of 19, Jennifer embarked on a journey of healing and self-discovery that few people get to experience.

Today, as an Emotional Resiliency Coach, Mentor and Motivational Speaker, Jennifer is on mission to teach the world that no one is ever broken, and everyone can find the healing they desire.

Jennifer offers alternative support for anyone suffering from feelings of depression, overwhelm, anxiety or hopelessness who is not finding the healing they want through traditional mental health services and is tired of the emotional rollercoaster.

In her private practice, groups and trainings, Jennifer invites you to explore the space between your head and your heart and learn to bridge the gap so you can step into a version of your Self you never dreamed possible.

So, who is Jen? She is someone who has walked the path of brokenness and lived to tell the story. She is someone who has experienced a dark night of the soul and lived there for over 13 years. She is someone who has been told, over and over again, that she is broken. And yet here she is. Stronger than before.

Jennifer’s purpose? Empowering individuals, couples and teams to step into their power and transform the way they relate to themselves and the world around them. She candidly shares her story in the hopes of inspiring others to know that no one is broken; everyone can heal.

If you are craving change and are tired of hitting dead ends and roadblocks on your journey to exceptional mental health, you are invited to reach out and connect.

Jennifer works with clients both locally and internationally and is currently offering virtual sessions and trainings to help make finding support easy and accessible.

Sept. 6, 2022

Why No One Is Ever Broken And How You Can Find The Healing You Crave …

Our guest is Jennifer Febel. She’s the host of the BTG podcast and an Emotional Resiliency Coach.

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