March 15, 2020

Why You Need To Ditch The Act with Ryan Foland

Why You Need To Ditch The Act with Ryan Foland

Author, Ryan Foland tells us sharing your real inner self is the road map to success online, at work, and at home.

In this episode, we're joined by Ryan Foland. He's one of the authors of "Ditch the Act: Reveal the Surprising Power of the Real You for Greater Success." He tells us how showing vulnerability and authenticity is a better strategy for success in business and life than the picture-perfect persona you feel pressured to put out into the world.

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Ryan Foland

Author, and Brand Consultant

Ryan is a global keynote speaker, author, and brand consultant who teaches people how to build their brand, get featured in publications, and grow their social media following. Ryan’s clients include New York Times bestselling authors, venture capitalists, and Fortune 500 executives. His book, Ditch the Act, helps executives and entrepreneurs navigate the waters of what to do, in the right order, to help them harness the power of vulnerability and authenticity to build a better, more relatable, more profitable brand.