May 19, 2023

From Roadblocks to Resilience: Lessons in Career Transitions and Inner Child Healing

Are you feeling stuck in your career? Do you find it challenging to overcome roadblocks and pursue your goals? Well, you're not alone. In this week's episodes of The Fit Mess podcast, we explored a coaching program called "What's Next?" designed to help individuals navigate career transitions. Additionally, we delved into the transformative power of reconnecting with our inner child and healing unresolved traumas. Join us as we recap the key insights from this week's episodes.


Monday’s Episode: "What's Next?" – Navigating Career Transitions Our guest, Lauren St. George, shared valuable insights on overcoming roadblocks and clarifying goals when navigating career transitions. One key takeaway was the importance of having a supportive network during this process. Surrounding yourself with people who uplift and encourage you is crucial, as they can provide the necessary motivation and guidance. Lauren also emphasized the need to be mindful of who you share your goals with. Not everyone has your best interests at heart, and sharing your aspirations with the wrong people can lead to unnecessary criticism and negativity. "What's Next?" offers a coaching program that can help you overcome these challenges and take the next step toward your desired career path.


Wednesday’s Episode: Healing the Inner Child In the second episode, Zach and Jeremy explored the transformative power of therapy in reconnecting with the inner child and healing unresolved traumas. They discussed the challenges of developing compassion for one's past self and shared personal experiences of overcoming self-disdain. The hosts highlighted the significance of understanding and embracing childhood hardships, acknowledging coping mechanisms, and expressing gratitude for the inner strength that propelled them forward.


This week's episodes of The Fit Mess podcast offered valuable insights into navigating career transitions and healing the inner child. From "What's Next?" coaching program to therapy's transformative power, we learned the significance of having a support system, understanding past traumas, and extending compassion to ourselves. Remember, it's never too late to embark on a new path, redefine your career, and heal old wounds.