Using Red Light Therapy to Improve Your Health And Wellness With BioLight Founder Dr. Mike Belkowski

Since the invention of the light bulb, human beings have been spending more and more time indoors. We’re increasingly locked inside, staring at screens, surrounded by artificial light. As a result, we are hidden from natural light sources that can improve our mood and make us much healthier and more resilient to diseases. That’s why our guest this week has worked with engineers to develop devices designed to provide an enhanced Red Light Therapy experiences. Dr. Mike Belkowski is the founder of BioLight and host of the Red Light Report podcast. In this episode we talk with him about why red light has the ability to boost mitochondrial health and heal the body at a cellular level.

Dr. Belkowski doesn’t only rely on his own products for healthy light exposure. He suggests getting outside in the morning when the sun is rising to try sun gazing. As the name suggests, sun gazing is the practice of looking directly at the sun to connect with and soak in its powerful energy.

Some people who practice it say it boosts their energy levels reduces stress and helps them feel more grounded, centered, and positive. That may be because sunrise is when there's the highest proportion of natural red and near-infrared light. Sungazing can be done during sunset as well, but the benefits are not believed to be as powerful.

So give the episode a listen while you watch the sunrise and soak up that free red light therapy, and a multitude of internal physiological benefits. There's the cascade of events that happens when your eyes are exposed to that red and near-infrared light in the morning. So that's super important, but also it's free...just like this episode!

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Outline of the Episode: [1:52] Join the meditation challenge

[4:06] Zach’s red light therapy experience

[5:33] Red light therapy’s positive effect on mitochondria

[13:47] Different types of red light

[17:17] Dangers of EMF (electromagnetic field)

[20:52] Biolight products explained

[23:02] Different benefits of red light therapy

[25:36] Treating mental health disorders with red light therapy

[30:28] Free alternative red light therapy sources

[35:38] Sungazing experiences

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