The One Ring to Rule Them All. How to Reach Your Fitness Goals and Look Good Doing it with...

Wearable fitness trackers. Everyone’s got one these days…or maybe more than one. You can use them to keep tabs on everything from calories to steps to the amount of water you drink. But are you keeping track of your sleep? Not just how much, but how efficient your sleep is to help you recover and be ready for the challenges of the day ahead.

That’s the promise of the Oura Ring. It’s been around for a while but the company behind it is really picking up steam and this week we talk with its CEO, Harpreet Sing Rai. He explains why the ring is a powerful device to help you reach your goals and keep you looking good while you do.

In this episode you’ll learn: What heart rate variability is and why it’s an important health marker What sets the Oura Ring apart from other fitness trackers Tips to improve the quality of your sleep Simple changes to make your sleep more efficient How tracking your sleep may prevent the spread of illness Links Mentioned in the show: Oura Ring

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