Man Enough: Undefining Masculinity with Justin Baldoni

"Jane The Virgin" star Justin Baldoni explains how his new book, "Man Enough: Undefining My Masculinity," helps readers think outside of the traditional definition of masculinity.

Baldoni's ultimate goal is to share the connection and joy that can be found for anyone who identifies as male on the journey away from “enough.” A journey instead to masculinity that is undefined, complex, sensitive, open, and rooted in the connection between the head and the heart.

In this episode, we discuss:
What is man enough?
What It Really Means to Be Brave
How the effects of traditionally defined masculinity have become one of the most prevalent social issues of our time.
Strength and vulnerability, female empowerment, relationships and marriage, racial justice, bullying, gender equality, body image, work-life balance, and fatherhood.
The Body Issue: From Head to Toe and All Parts Between
Raising Children When We're Still Growing Up Ourselves