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Louie Gravance

Former Disney Institute Professor, Humorous Keynote Speaker, Customer Experience Guru.

For over a decade Louis Gravance designed and oversaw training for the Walt Disney Company, maintaining its reputation as “the happiest place on earth.” Today he channels his expertise and energy to help other organizations become happier and more productive.

A born showman, Mr. Gravance teaches leaders and employees to bring a certain pizazz to their work – a spirit that will forge emotional connections between company representatives and customers, turning transactions into memorable experiences. He brings 20 years of Los Angeles show business and 12 years as a Disney Traditions “Professor” to his interactive culture-altering training programs. He’s provided turning points for nationally known names like Bank of America, Toys ‘R Us, and BMW of Canada.

March 23, 2023

Unlocking the Magic: How to Tap into the Secret Superpower for a Happ…

Louie Gravance is often referred to as “the guy that can make the Disney service concepts work outside of Disney.” Working for the Walt Disney Company for nearly 30 years, Louie enjoyed a distinguished career with Disney theme parks, designing...

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Oct. 28, 2020

Magic Kingdom Secrets That Could Make You Happier with Louie Gravance

Louie Gravance, known as "the guy that can make the Disney service concepts work outside of Disney," talks about why Service is a Superpower.

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