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In January 2015, I picked up a paintbrush for the first time since my childhood which was the catalyst for a major shift in my career and life path, and in June 2017, I decided to retire from my career in education in order to fully embrace an artist's life and to model for my daughters the importance of listening to your soul's purpose by following your bliss. I spent two years honing my craft as well as developing my intuition and opened Ubuntu Fish Gallery in September 2019, two years after I took her leap of faith from traditional education. Experiencing for myself and offering for others a more creative and spiritual form of personal growth and development at Ubuntu Fish Gallery, I have never felt more alive and have made it my mission to help others do the same.
During my time as owner/resident artist and intuitive at Ubuntu Fish Gallery, I figured out how to merge my greatest strengths—my intuition, leadership skills, educational experience, and artistic ability—and currently guide people to lead more empowered lives through my intuitive guidance sessions, private groups, workshops, and written works on that very subject matter .
I have recently written and illustrated a book combined with a workbook for children called Veda Finds Her Crown, centered around chakra health and development to help aide teachers and parents who are educating the whole child. I have also written Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment, a loose autobiography, written in a how-to format that is structured around the life lessons that have led me to my own personal empowerment, which I followed up with Beyond the Ten, Decoding the Woo Woo, which includes much of my educational experience and perspectives in its approach to assisting those in understanding spiritual practices and the spiritual community.
My goal with all my writing is to act as a bridge between the mainstream and the metaphysical communities so that those on the quest for personal growth and development can do so without being deterred by sometimes fearful and biased conceptions of spirituality. My hope is to educate both the parents and the children so that they empower themselves and work together to create a new self-empowered, unity conscious generation.

My newest venture is with FindUniquelyU.com. Curious? Then ask me :).

How To Fight Back Against Your Fear And Ignore Your Biggest Critics With Dana Sardano
Sept. 27, 2022

How To Fight Back Against Your Fear And Ignore Your Biggest Critics W…

Our guest is Dana Sardano from Uniquely U and the author of the “Ten Recommandments For Personal Empowerment.”

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