Nov. 29, 2021

4 Eye-Catching Shoes for Different Sports

4 Eye-Catching Shoes for Different Sports

Sneakers are an essential aspect of a person’s athletic performance because the right pair can offer support as well as give you a performance boost. One great example is Michael Jordan’s collaboration with Nike, the Air Jordans. They were designed to offer proper amounts of comfort for basketball players who spend the majority of their game running across the court, and they have great ankle support to help prevent injuries and strains caused by jumping. In fact, the Air Jordans have become icons. The original shoes from Michael Jordan's rookie season sold for $1.47 million recently and set off a series of iterations since then.

If you have thought about participating in a sport, now might be a great time to do so. Our past article on ‘The Power of Yes’ explains that you should do something you've always wanted to do so you won’t regret it in the future. This also goes for trying out new sports. On your sports journey, you can choose shoes that set you apart from everyone else. Here are some specialty eye-catching sneakers for sports you may want to try:

Nike Air Zoom GP Turbo for Tennis

Kicking off this list is a partnership of the sneaker giant with a rising star in the tennis industry Naomi Osaka. The Japanese-American has come into a partnership with Nike to create a specialty tennis shoe that carries designs paying homage to her East Asian culture. The heels carry a gold patch with the player’s name written in Japanese while its sides have a print of Maneki-Neko (a cat symbolizing good fortune). With a clean white base and orange swoosh, these shoes are functional, stylish, and will certainly catch the eyes of onlookers and other players alike.


Nike LeBron 9 Low for Basketball

Lebron has had a highly prolific career in the NBA, and a big project he has taken on is his association with Nike. The Lebron 9 was a staple for the player’s time in Miami Heat during 2011 and 2012, but now he is taking it to the next level. SoleSavy’s post on Lebron’s Nike “LeBronold Palmer” sneakers, which are reportedly dropping in early 2022, outlines how they are a way for the basketball pro and sports apparel empire to pay tribute to the classic shoe model on its decennial anniversary. They have a tropical design with detailing in bright blue and pink, giving a fresh and flavorful look. If you are looking for basketball shoes that will look good with anything, these sneakers should be on your list.


Adidas Predator Freak for Soccer

In soccer, the shoe designs can be repetitive. The Adidas Predator Freak broke this cycle by putting out an eye-catching model many soccer fans have come to love. The mouth of the shoe resembles a sock that offers support and comfort for long periods of time. There is also a textured layer of spikes on the top of the shoe for better ball grip. According to representatives of the brand, this stems from years of research towards creating effective and useable footwear. It is definitely a pair that will set you apart from the rest when you are using them on the field.

Nike Air Zoom MaxFly for Running

The last entry on this list is another one from Nike, though this model has had some controversy in the past. During the 2021 Olympics, world record holder Usain Bolt criticized the Air Zoom MaxFly for their innovation in spike development. He claims that if more development is placed towards the aspect of running shoes, it wouldn't be fair and he may lose many of the records he holds. This shows how much of an edge you will get over the competition simply by wearing them. They have a sleek white and gray design, but what makes them so attractive are the neon red and green soles. Not only can it make you a better athlete, but you will have a pair of shoes with a great all-around design.

Sneakers can make or break an athlete’s performance, but that doesn’t mean style should be compromised.


 - Article written by Matthew Clark



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