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Dan Voss

Transformational Coach / Breathwork Coach / Podcaster

Dan is the Founder of Nova Now, a wellness company that focuses on mindset, emotional health, & breathwork coaching. After experiencing mental health challenges, nervous system dysregulation, emotional overwhelm, and misalignment in mind and body, Dan found his own path of healing.

Now, his mission and massively transformative purpose is to inspire humanity to reconnect with, reimagine, and master our mindset and emotional health. As a breathwork and transformational coach, he helps people step outside of their rut, shift from anxious to alignment, and live life with more purpose, passion, and presence. Dan is also the host of his weekly podcast, A New Way of Living, inspiring people to a new life of breathwork, cold therapy, and plant medicine.

July 26, 2022

Breathwork And Cold Therapy: How To Milk The Shit Out Of Life With Da…

ABOUT THE EPISODE You’re doing it right now and you have for your entire life…but there’s a good chance you’re doing it wrong or …

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