Oct. 7, 2020

NAD Therapy: A Secret Weapon Against Aging and Chronic Illness with Dr. Alain Polynice

NAD Therapy: A Secret Weapon Against Aging and Chronic Illness with Dr. Alain Polynice

Is Intravenous NAD Therapy the Fountain of Youth?

John Tubbs was a pretty healthy guy trying to get his business off the ground the way so many do. He was playing a game of golf with a potential client. Little did he know that one badly hit ball would lead to a life-threatening battle with a chronic illness. In this episode, he shares how he contracted Lyme disease, and how it changed his life. We also learn the surprising way he fights through daily pain and fatigue. 

Dr. Alain Polynice

One of the many tools he's used in managing his symptoms is called NAD therapy. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is an essential coenzyme that regulates cellular energy metabolism and mitochondrial function. It's become a popular supplement to ease suffering from chronic illness, addiction recovery, and a variety of mental health issues.

He was introduced to NAD therapy by Dr. Alain Polynice from the Reviva Wellness clinic in Albany, New York. The results he reports are remarkable. That's why we also talk with Dr. Polynice. He uses NAD himself and says though he's in his 50s he feels better than he did in his 30s!

Listen to this episode to hear an incredible story of survival. Learn how NAD therapy could help boost your energy, clear brain fog, and slow the aging process.

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Dr. Alain Polynice

Cosmetic, plastic & reconstructive surgery specialist

Dr. Alain Polynice is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon and specializes in breast and body work. He focuses on total body transformations. He also owns Reviva Wellness in Albany, New York. They provide IV drips for wellness and performance as well as advanced protocols for anti-aging.